In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

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Mr. Jones Wishes He Was Someone Just a Little More Funky
after Broyles says the doctor removed the thing (making sure to save it for Walter), Olivia starts running down the list of all the questions that still aren't answered, like what "Little Hill" means, and who infected Loeb, etc. "We don't know anything," she says.

"You have a problem, Agent Dunham," says Broyles, crapping all over her because she's not easily satisfied, she wants everything, how a small victory is no victory, blah blah blah. I'd recap more of his "lecture," but after a few moments of what sounds like a lecture, he says, "Your dissatisfaction is what makes you so damn good," and I burst out laughing. I mean, even Lance Reddick looks like he can't believe what's coming out of his mouth. I'm sorry, but can we stop with the "Broyles lectures Dunham" scenes for a while?

Broyles leaves and Peter walks in and they flirt a little bit and Olivia asks if he's hungry and he says not after what he saw today (yesterday?), but he's really thirsty. Then, because Samantha Loeb hasn't been conspicuous enough in this episode, they have a gander at the devoted wife sitting by her recuperating husband.

Olivia and Peter leave, and Samantha looks to make sure they're gone. "So did it work, what we did?" asks Loeb. Samantha says it led them back to Jones. "Did he ask the question? Did we get the answer?" asks Loeb. Samantha looks around again, then leans in and whispers, "Little Hill," and we're out.

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