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Mr. Jones Wishes He Was Someone Just a Little More Funky
yptology even before she joined the bureau. I think it would be great if Astrid was like Chet from The Hardy Boys, who always happened to be getting into a new hobby that always winds up proving helpful to Frank and Joe. Anyway, she thinks it might just be a Caesar shift.

"What's that?" asks Peter, and thank GOD there's something that Peter doesn't know about. Olivia does, calling it a "simple monoalphabetic cipher." "Is it now!" says Peter, grinning at the field-of-expertise reversal. Olivia explains that Julius Caesar used to send messages using a simple substitution code. You replace one letter with another, but do it alphabetically. So if your A becomes E, then your B becomes F, and so on. As Olivia explains, Peter stares at her with barely disguised lust. Astrid thinks the letters could be CIW, DJX or EKY. Now -- and I'm no cryptologist, mind you -- but if you're breaking the code, don't you look for translations that actually mean something? I mean, those are just random letters thrown together, and so I'm not sure why she's tossing out those suggestions when there are actually twenty-five options, if meaning isn't important. "Or ZFT?" suggests Olivia, and Astrid says sure, and asks what ZFT is. But Olivia is already gone. Yeah, DON'T EXPLAIN or EVEN ANSWER, Olivia; it's not like the rest of your team hasn't been working their asses off all day to try to solve this thing while you've been to your daily hair-straightening appointment.

She goes to see Broyles, who's walking on the way to his office, and she explains that she's been going over John Scott's old files, and there was one on an operation tracking a group in Budapest, and the label on the file was ZFT.

This brings Broyles up short, and Olivia asks if that means anything to him.

He unlocks a drawer next to his desk and says a British national named David Robert Jones was arrested in Frankfurt for possession of state secrets. He's got a background in deep biotechnology, notably genetic weaponry, and he went off the grid twelve years ago, popping up every now and then in Eastern Europe. One of the reasons Loeb was in Frankfurt was investigating Jones.

"So who's ZFT?" asks Olivia, and so we're into the requisite "there's much you don't know, Agent Dunham" scene, which is really playing like the writers saying, "yeah, we have NO idea where this is going yet, but please bear with us." Broyles tells her about cells -- not conventional terrorist cells -- found in eighty-three recorded countries, and ZFT is among them. "They traffic not in drugs or weapons, but in scientific progress," he says, pointing to what happened to Loeb or to the fateful flight that landed Olivia in this whole thing. They could just be scientific experiments, proof of theories. Mad scientists getting their kicks is not one of the possibilities Broyles mentions, but I like that one.

Olivia wonders if Jones might know how to get the parasite off Loeb's heart, and Broyles says maybe, but the Germans aren't giving them access. "I may be able to get in," she says. "You got superpowers I don't know about?" says Broyles, and Olivia says "maybe." He tells her that she's not really going to Germany. She says she really is. "Let me save you the trip, Dunham. You're not getting in," he says. She snaps, "We don't know each other well enough for you to say something like that to me," like WHOA! Where did THAT come from? I'd like to point out A) Broyles didn't say anything personal that might have elicited such a "fuck you" response, and B), Broyles is YOUR BOSS, for God's sake. She says she doesn't see any other option. Broyles stares at her. "Loeb's your friend. And I promised his wife," she says. Yeah, promised her she could see him as soon as she could, not "promised I'd do my best to cause an international incident."

Back at the Harvard makeshift operating room, Loeb's not doing well -- his heart rate's down to thirty and he doesn't seem to care that a new season of 24 is on the way. Peter spots what might be the reason: the wispy tendrils from the parasite are evident in the IV line. "This parasite is spreading faster than I thought," said Walter. Peter asks how long Walter figures Loeb has. "A day, maybe," is the answer.

Peter's cellphone rings. It's Olivia, calling to say they've got a lead, but she's got to go to Germany for it. Peter says he doesn't think Loeb's got the time. You don't know Olivia well enough to say something like that! Olivia confidently says they'll make it. Don't forget, she promised Loeb's wife!

Over to Frankfurt now, where Olivia is met at the airport by some dude. "Look at you," she says admiringly, and he tells her to not let the suit throw her. "Well, Lucas, I never thought I'd see the day." Never see the day he rose from the dead after being killed by Kim Bauer? He's totally going to turn out to be evil. He gives her an awkward kiss on the cheek.

As they make their way through the terminal, he says he's not sure he can help her, and she reminds him he said he had contacts at the prison. "I'm in the Bundestag, I have contacts everywhere," he says, but she jumped on the plane so fast he didn't have time to check anything out. Did she teleport on the plane? He says he knows the warden, who wouldn't agree to anything, and doesn't want Lucas to just show up. "So what do we do?" asks Olivia. "Show up," he says, and they smile at each other. If you're watching closely, you'll spot the Observer, who REALLY needs to think about being a little more careful. At least buy a wig!

Wissenschaft Prison. I understand "Wissenschaft" means "science." And I understand "Prison" means "Prison," because THAT'S ENGLISH. Science Prison? Why not name it Gesundheit Prison? Olivia and Lucas are led through the security gates in the bowels of the prison, and are met by Lucas's contact, Johan Lennox, who says that getting some time with Jones will be a problem. "I'm sure we can work something out," says Olivia. She doesn't get as far as unbuttoning her blouse a little more, though; Lucas starts speaking German to Johann, who replies, (I'm told the translation is: "I'm sure that there is something which you find useful. And I would be willing to talk about these things," to which Lennox's reply was, "You can't help me with the things I need,") and then says to Olivia, "Your friend wants to be persuasive."

Olivia says that she's sure he's got reasons for not letting people in to see prisoners, but this is very important to her. "I would be willing to sign anything," she says, and then she starts speaking German too! Translated: "For example, something which will prove that I haven't been here." I prefer my original assumption, that she was offering sexual favours. "I like her," says Lennox, and Lucas says he has good taste. However, Lennox says Jones isn't talking to anyone. Olivia says, "I believe he will talk to me. If I write him a message, will you give it to him?" Lennox looks at her, figuring a photograph would probably be a better idea.

So with Olivia not there to babysit, Broyles is in the Harvard lab hovering around Walter, who's trying to work. Broyles says he's not really expecting anything, but he appreciates whatever Walter can do. Walter's not really paying attention, and Broyles has to repeat how grateful he is. Walter says "you're welcome," and then, apropos of nothing, starts chattering about a fruit cocktail he had in Atlantic City, even though he's not really a fruit cocktail kind of guy. Then he goes back to work, or possibly playing Asteroids.

Broyles stares at him for a few moments, and then walks over to Peter. "We need to discuss your father," says Broyles. Peter says, "Is it the fruit cocktail thing again?" Broyles says it is, and Peter says his dad's been doing that lately, the way you'd say, "My car's been making a clicking sound lately." "We need him to focus," says Broyles, which gets Peter's full attention. He swings around in his chair and points out that two-thirds of the time his father's not even lucid: "And in those rare and unpredictable moments of clarity, he rambles

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