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Mr. Jones Wishes He Was Someone Just a Little More Funky
on about the foods and beverages that he missed while he was incarcerated in a mental institution for the better part of the last two decades. To say that he's not focused? Is to say that he's a biped." Walter likes women and men? I must have missed that. Peter says nothing's going to change any time soon, and he doesn't have a remote control. If Walter's listening, and Peter's certainly speaking loud enough for him to hear, he's not showing it. Broyles just stares at him, like he pretty much has to do with every member of his ragtag team. "There's no master switch I can flick and turn him into the man I wish had raised me, or even somebody I don't have to babysit every day." Peter's ranting over, Broyles rolls his eyes slightly. Peter says he must have had that on his mind for a while. "Apparently," says Broyles, dryly. His cellphone rings.

It's Charlie. Hey, Charlie! He's in his office, walking around, talking in a low voice, because he knows he's not at clearance level (well, at least go into a room or something), but he's got something on a local connection to the ZFT. "Speak to me," says Broyles. Charlie explains that they analyzed the document Loeb brought back from Frankfurt, and figured out that every line corresponds to an FBI file case and an ID number to the agents assigned to it. "Every one originating from this field office," says Charlie. Wait -- if he doesn't have clearance, why does he have those documents to analyze? I'm confused.

Broyles is pissed that he sounds like there's another mole in the office, unless it was John Scott working with ZFT. Charlie says whoever did it needed upper-level security clearance, to have access to the FBI mainframe.

Broyles wants to know what the local connection is, and Charlie says one of the lines was a phone number registered to a Joseph Smith. Broyles is all, "Yeah, I know Joseph Smith! Loeb was briefing me on him when he collapsed. You got an address?"

Charlie gives it to him, and -- wait a minute. The FBI's not already investigating the guy who's a suspect in the case that Loeb was working on when he was attacked by this parasite? Am I missing something? Is it me or does that make no sense? Anyway, Charlie gives him the address, in Saugus, and Broyles hangs up and calls someone else. "I want a SWAT team surrounding Joseph Smith. He's at 4331 Broad Street, in Saugus. And I want this radio silent." Nearby, Peter's totally eavesdropping.

Back at Science Prison, Olivia's waiting with Lucas. "It's good to see you again, despite the strange circumstance," he says. She tells him he doesn't have to wait with her, which is apparently not the first time she's said that, and he says that he wants to, because he likes it here. What's not to like? A dingy corridor in a dank hallway in a German prison? I'm already booking my next vacation there.

The security door opens, and Lennox walks out, saying he's surprised, but Jones will see her, but not until tomorrow morning. "This is not Jones's rule, or mine. It is the institution's. Long before I got here, there have been strict regulations regarding visitors. Tomorrow morning, you'll have fourteen minutes, not a second more." Fourteen, not fifteen? God, who knew Germans could be so fanatical about imposing strict rules on everything?

Also, Lennox hands over a note from Jones. Olivia opens it, frowning.

At Harvard, Peter's cellphone rings. It's Olivia, looking for Broyles. Peter tells her Broyles is on "some sort of raid." Olivia explains that Jones has agreed to meet with her, but only on the condition that he first gets to talk to a colleague of his, a guy in Saugus. Peter's all, who in the what now? Olivia looks at the note. "His name's Joseph Smith," she says. "At 4331 Broad Street," says Peter, stopping Olivia short. She asks how he knew that. "That's who Broyles is after right now," he says, but he doesn't know why. "Peter, we need him alive!" says Olivia. Olivia, you don't know Peter well enough to make a statement like that!

So Peter's racing the station wagon through the streets of Boston, and it seems awfully dangerous to be talking on his cellphone right now, but it's Olivia, asking him if he's close. Peter says he's on his way and asks if she got in touch with Broyles yet. Still radio silent, says Olivia, adding that she's going to call HQ.

Meanwhile, the SWAT team's locking and loading as they arrive at Smith's place. Peter swerves and speeds, Olivia tries to get through the thick skull of someone at HQ.

The SWAT team's just going in as Peter pulls up, and an officer, covering the house from behind his parked car, tells him to stand back. Peter tries telling him that he needs to talk to Philip Broyles, but the police officer just yells at him to get back. Meanwhile, an officer with a bullhorn is yelling for Smith to come out with his hands up. Olivia calls again, and Peter tells her he can't get any closer to the house, and the SWAT team's already inside. He watches as a guy climbs out of a second floor window onto a roof, and then jumps down to the ground, while a bunch of SWAT team guys basically stand around and yell at him. He runs across the yard, hops a fence, and then, rather ill-advisedly, pulls out a handgun. "Drop your weapon!" yells an officer. Peter starts yelling, "No! No! No! No!" when a long, drawn-out "Nooooooo!" would have been so much better, and there's a gunshot. Smith drops, fresh bullet hole in his forehead.

So Broyles is doing what he does best: telling people what to do. He's ordering some guy to make sure the evidence response team catalogues and boxes every item, down to the toilet paper. I bet the evidence team HATES Broyles. He spots Peter and asks what he's doing there. Peter says that Olivia's headed back to the airport: "Turns out Mister Jones would only help us if he could talk to Mr. Smith, the same Mr. Smith that your people just killed." It probably should be pointed out to Peter that it's not his fault that the SWAT team didn't know not to fire on a guy in case he turned out to be the one person a British prisoner in a German jail would talk to. Broyles asks if Peter's kidding, and Peter says it's the first serious thing he's said all day. His cellphone rings. It's Astrid, saying Walter wanted him to know that there is fluid accumulating in Loeb's lungs. "Tell him we need help quickly," says Walter. "He says we need help quickly," says Astrid. Walter gives her something to insert into Loeb's IV, and takes the phone. "Hello, Peter. This is me, your father. Walter Bishop." Heh. Peter: "Thank you, Walter. I know who you are." "Excellent," says Walter. Hee! He says they need to talk to Smith right away, as it's their best chance to save Loeb's life. Peter tells him Smith was shot. "Well, does he still have his head? Is it still attached to his body?" asks Walter. "Only you would ask that question, seriously. Yes, he still has a head," says Peter, who's apparently forgotten the first episode, because everybody else can see what's coming. Walter says that in this case, death is simply an inconvenience: "Bring him in, and hurry." Peter hangs up. Broyles watches him. "What?" he says. And Peter looks like he's passing a kidney stone.

Back at the Frankfurt airport, Olivia walks with Lucas. "So close," she says. He tells her she never did lose well, and she half-laughs. Then he asks her what happened: "There's something that has ... shifted in you. Something's happened." She tells him that a lot has happened. It's been a strange time. Then, instead of asking more questions, he starts hitting on her: "I have become -- and I'm not kidding -- a spectacular cook." She laughs. "Spend the night," he says. She smiles, and then gets serious and says, "I can't, Lucas." "Of course you can. Of course you can," he says. He moves a little closer, and she's thinking about it. Then her cellphone rings. Why, it's Peter! You little cockblocker, you! He's driving, frantically, and asks her if David Jones knows that Joseph Smith is dead. Olivia says he doesn't. "'Cause if you can still get in to see him tomorrow, he m

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