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Mr. Jones Wishes He Was Someone Just a Little More Funky
ll then relay Mr. Smith's response to you. Then you will tell me how to save Agent Loeb. That is how it works."

He looks at her for a moment, and then he tells her that she's quite serious, wondering if it's because her friend's life is in the balance. Well, he certainly puts the "genius" in "evil genius." She asks him why, since he has the leverage, he didn't ask for his freedom, or at least extradition. He tells her that she's made two incorrect assumptions. The first is that there's nothing more valuable than his freedom, and the second is that he's responsible for the infection of Agent Loeb. I think a third assumption has been made: that the viewer's not going to be rolling their eyes at the poor man's quid-pro-quo Hannibal Lecter scene here.

Back at the lab, Walter runs into Gene's to grab a beaker or something. I've been calling her Jean instead of Gene because it's a COW after all, but I understand that the name is short for "Genetics" so henceforth, Gene it is. He rushes back out into the lab and tells Peter the problem is that he thinks too much, which is a "family curse." Peter's own brain function is interfering with the process. "You need to be a passive receiver." He's got a syringe that he says is a sedative to numb his higher brain function. He's mixed it with a euphoria inhibitor to clear the high from his system in a matter of minutes. I have no idea if any of this makes any sense. All I know is that Walter whips out this HUGE syringe and gives it to Astrid, who looks like she's never, um, handled anything that big. He tells her to stick it in his chest, beneath the breast bone, if he tells her to. Peter's all, hold on, what the hell is that GIANT NEEDLE you're holding, and Walter tells him it's adrenalin. Peter's seen Pulp Fiction, though, and asks if Walter's planning to stop his heart. Walter tells him not to worry, which is hard to do when you've just remembered dear ol' Dad used to hook you up to car batteries when you were a kid. But then Walter injects the sedative, and Peter gets all giggly, which is when Broyles comes in, wondering just what the hell is going on, with Samantha in tow, horrified at the sight of her husband.

Back at Science Prison, Olivia asks Jones who did infect Loeb, and he suggests it might be the same people who brought them together. "What if someone wanted information from the both of us? You see? Perhaps they've orchestrated all of this. What if you and I -- both of us, at this very moment -- were being manipulated?" Olivia asks him who would do this, and what they want. "You've not been doing this very long, have you?" says Jones, adding that, while nothing surprises him anymore, he's confused why they haven't got on with the business of saving her friend.

Well, that would be because Peter's high as a kite back at the Harvard lab. "This can't possibly be scientific," says Broyles. Walter's patting Peter's cheek. "Daddy?" says Peter, very out of it. Walter figures they're ready, so he tells Astrid to call Olivia, who tells Jones to ask his question. "Ask my friend Joe, where does the gentleman live?" Olivia relays the question, Astrid nods at Walter, but as he turns the knob, Loeb starts having a seizure. Walter says the parasite is choking him of nitroglycerin, and he tells "Asteroid" to get the nitroglycerine in a vial on the desk. "I don't understand, a parasite?" says Samantha, like maybe you can have the discussion AFTER Walter saves your husband's life? Astrid tells Olivia she'll call her back, leaving Olivia to try to conceal her surprise at having been hung up on.

"Is there a problem?" asks Jones. Olivia smoothly says that her cellphone doesn't get the best reception in prison isolation cells. "You do have Mr. Smith, do you not?" asks Jones. Olivia asks him why he thinks Smith would co-operate with him after he had Smith arrested. I seem to recall that Jones just wanted to speak to Smith. I'm pretty sure Jones didn't "have him arrested." Anyway, he says the people he works with are loyal to the end, and asks Olivia if she can say the same.

Olivia doesn't have to answer, because her cellphone rings again. Astrid says they're trying again, and asks the question. Walter cranks the dial, the lightbulb glows, Peter convulses, but Peter didn't hear anything. "We're going to have to increase the voltage," says Walter, apologizing to his son.

Again Astrid asks the question, Walter cranks the voltage, sending Peter into agony. But still nothing, and now the prison guard is warning Olivia that her time's almost up. "Astrid, I need the answer now," she says, and Astrid tells her it's not working. I can't believe Jones hasn't just bailed on the whole thing.

Peter, freaking out, starts shouting that he needs paper, because he sees something. Astrid quickly gets him paper and a marker, and Peter frantically marks down a series of a dozen or so vertical lines. "What is that?" asks Astrid. Peter says he has no idea. I think they're going to need to get Snoopy to translate: that looks exactly the way Woodstock talks.

After the commercial break, the guard is getting angrier with Olivia, who totally takes it out on Astrid. Peter stares at the paper. "Walter, what is this?" he asks, and Walter says, "How do I know? You saw it, not me."

The guard yells at Olivia some more. "He seems rather irritated with you," says Jones. "Astrid, please! I have no time!" shouts Olivia, like maybe Astrid isn't AWARE of the urgency of the situation.

Peter, still looking at his sketch, says there's something missing. Walter's all, duh, horizontal lines. He says there's literature on misrepresentation of horizontal space due to brain damage. While Jones makes a tick-tock sound at Olivia with his tongue, Walter tells Peter that the bullet may have destroyed the part of Smith's brain that helps him process horizontal lines: "We are going to have to fill in the blanks." Peter stares at the paper, and then starts drawing, looking like he's doing it on instinct.

Meanwhile, the guards are actually forcibly removing Olivia from the room. But Peter's finished, and after adding lines to the top, middle and bottoms of some of the lines, his paper now says "Little Hill." Good thing there were no X's or O's! "Little Hill!" he yells. "Little Hill?" says Astrid. "Little Hill!" yells Olivia, practically digging grooves in the floor with her fingernails as the guards haul her out of there. Jones looks up, somewhat surprised, then says, "Three parts mebendazole. Two parts thermophilic hydrolase. A syringe directly into the parasite." Fortunately, it appears that Walter's got all this stuff at hand, because at this time of night, the only place that's going to be open is 7-Eleven, and they really jack up the price on their thermophilic hydrolase.

Walter injects the parasite, and immediately the roots in the IV line start to wither. Samantha says, "Does that mean ... is Mitchell gonna live? Is he gonna be OK?" Walter says he thinks so, and Broyles thanks him.

Lucas rides with Olivia out to the airport, and she tells him Jones asked her a question about loyalty, and something about the way he said it, it felt like he knew something, maybe about betraying the Bureau. Lucas tells her he has other means of gathering information about Jones. "If you'd like me to use them ... say yes, Olivia. It'll give me an excuse to call you again." Olivia smiles. I think she needs to give Lucas a reason to keep it in his damn pants for once.

Back at the hospital, Broyles is talking to Loeb, recovering in a proper hospital. "While you were unconscious, we made a discovery, that an organization with connections to The Pattern may have someone working for us, on the inside." John Scott, says Loeb, but Broyles says it would be someone with higher security clearance. "Scott's the only one I know of," says Loeb. He weakly jokes that Broyles is making him paranoid. "All I want to do is make you better. I'll see you in the morning." As Broyles leaves, he says hello to Samantha walking in.

Outside the room, Olivia strolls up and asks after Loeb, and

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