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Jacksonville, How You Burn in My Soul
to the curb but the force of the vacuum starts pulling them back, and the hotel manager loses his grip. Olivia is either dragged with him or she lets go to try to help him -- either way he's wrapped around her and she manages to grab a post on the sidewalk and hangs on for dear life. Behind them, the building vibrates and roars, and then everything is silent. Olivia and the manager get up and stare at the empty hole in the ground behind them. "I guess it's safe to say that you've got the rest of the night off work," says Olivia. Yeah, hilarious! Dude's got no job! Plus his iPod was probably in there!

In the Federal building, Olivia and Broyles watch as a newscaster explains that there was not a single casualty when hundreds miraculously escaped what federal authorities are calling "an unscheduled controlled demolition" at the hotel, and their explanation is that the building was supposed to be destroyed with no trace left of it, just at a different time? Olivia says "the conspiracy nuts" are going to have a field day, and I don't know that it's fair to call them "conspiracy nuts" when THERE ACTUALLY IS A GOVERNMENT COVERUP, and Broyles makes some wry comment about how Olivia would be surprised at what you can make the general public believe, although I believe the conspiracy nuts aren't really the general public and that's Olivia's point. "You saved a lot of people," he says, and I realize that Broyles made a phone call, but it sure looked like people were racing out of the building because IT WAS SHAKING, and the only person Olivia saved was the guy who she delayed on HIS way out of the building, so let's not start handing Olivia her medals yet. "We all did," says Olivia. He asks her what finally activated her ability. "I think it was just time," she says.

Over at the Bishop household, Peter's on the phone, saying, "Monopoly is great. He loves the coloured money," and then hanging up and explaining to Walter that that was Astrid, who's coming over to play some games with him. "I hope she likes Monopoly!" says Walter, brightly. Heh. He asks where Peter's going, and Peter says he's going out for drinks with Olivia. "A date?" says a very excited Walter, and Peter says it's just drinks: "Apparently, that's what normal people do." That doesn't stop a giddy Walter from dancing a little jig when Peter is out of eyesight. Hee!

And there's Olivia, getting ready, and LETTING DOWN HER HAIR. I feel like a teenage boy in the '40s getting to see a shapely woman's calf! And then she smiles. Swoooooon.

Peter writes down the phone number of the restaurant where they'll be, and then the doorbell rings. Walter asks if Peter wants him to go get it. "Absolutely not. In fact, it would be my preference if you could be someplace else altogether." Walter naively asks where, and Peter suggests Chicago as he goes to get the door. He opens the door for Olivia, and tells her he knows a great place that's just a couple blocks away so they can walk. Olivia's smile is gone, and she stares at Peter while Walter watches the both of them. "Agent Dunham..." Walter says. Peter says he'll get his coat, and we see what Olivia's seeing, which is, of course, Peter shimmering. With Peter gone, Olivia looks like she's going to cry. And a miserable Walter almost makes me tear up as he says to Olivia: "Please don't tell him."

And we have to wait two months to find out what's next?

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. He cannot start fires with his mind but never stops trying. Follow him on Twitter or email him at danieljdaniel[at]

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