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Amber Alert

Windmark stares at her and we can hear a bunch of snippets of her voice saying nothing special. Satisfied, Windmark tells her that she's always just what she appears to be. Which of course is going to mean she's anything but, right?

So the ear-bleeder is helped out of the club by the woman whose dignity he was defending and Agent Goldenhair. She tells "Kitty" to go home and take the rest of the night off. She thanks "Rick" and leaves and then Agent Goldenhair asks Rick if he's stupid. Rick, recovering enough to stand up, says he's a gentleman. "I had to piss him off so he'd try and wipe me. Otherwise he would have read me," he says. Then he cocks his head and asks Agent Goldenhair how she fooled Windmark when he tried to read her. "Just lucky, I guess," she says and Rick says that if they find out about her, they'll kill her. In fact, they'll probably kill all the natives if they find out there's anyone like her. Well then, maybe at the very least you could have this conversation somewhere other than directly outside their club, huh? "I love being special," says Agent Goldenhair.

They walk down the alley a little ways where Rick has a van waiting and Agent Goldenhair explains she was late to meet him because of two new checkpoints downtown. At any rate, he's got something to show her in the back of his van. "Remember all those times I said you were nuts? Looks like I was wrong," he says.

She climbs in the back of the van, pulls back the tarp over something in the back, stunned. She asks where the others are ("Were they...?" "...yeah." Is how the conversation goes) and Rick says there are two more -- a younger man and a woman -- right where he found this one, but the "heat was rising" and he couldn't move them all at once. He's in the midst of telling her where he found this one -- "The city. Inside the old-" -- when he's shot dead by some sniper down at the end of the alley. Blood splatters all over Agent Goldenhair, but she doesn't have a whole lot of time to mourn. She grabs Rick's keys and peels on out of there.

Under a bridge, to the sound of a loudspeaker announcement warning everyone that curfew is now in effect and ordering natives to return to their homes, Goldenhair parks the van and climbs into the back again for another look. She shines a light on the face of Walter, encased in amber.

New credits! They're grey and depressing and the outlandish concepts itemized within include "community" and "joy" and "individuality" and "freedom" floating over images of thousands of people standing in formation behind fences and barbed wire. FRINGE. The letters are like concrete blocks.

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