Letters of Transit

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Amber Alert

Looks like Fringe is still kicking, albeit looking quite rundown. Goldenhair arrives at work to see some fellow agents being briefed by Henry Ian Cusick (who we all know as Desmond from Lost, right?), telling them that loyalists hung a few resistance fighters in Copley Plaza mall who need to be cut down. Also, there were two containment breaches in Back Bay. "And curfews -- people are getting brave. Don't let them."

He gives "Agent" shit for being late and tells her to walk with them. And between the long straight blonde hair and the conspicuous avoidance of revealing to us what her name is, we all know she's a descendant or iteration of Olivia, right? I mean, that's not supposed to be a surprise, right?

She says she needs a coffee and he could use some air himself. So they head outside and share some "Coffee Chews," chocolate covered coffee beans, one package of which contains 480 calories and of its 50 grams, 30 are sugar. Jesus Christ! "I remember when you used to be able to drink this stuff," he says, which gives her the chance to make fun of how old he is. Then she tells him that Rick's dead, killed by a loyalist. "Dammit, Etta," he says. Oh, you only think you're finding out what her name is. But you're not. Not really. "Black market tech gets people killed, even cops," he says. She reminds him that black-market tech replaced his eyes and he snaps that he doesn't need a history lesson. No, but we do! Thank you! And then he gives her one: she was supposed to stop "running civilians," but she says she had an "open order with him, from the old days," and that it was for any info on the missing team.

Simon, annoyed, tells her that she needs to let it go and that the original Fringe team didn't vanish and isn't missing, but died twenty years ago. "They aren't coming back to save us from the Observers. They aren't in the desert or Peru or immortal." Etta says, triumphantly that they're in amber and she's got one of them. Collect 'em all!

And Simon gets to see Walter in all his amberized glory, stood up in some sort of lab somewhere. Hey, how'd Etta do that by herself? Does she have telekinesis too? She points out the amber device by Walter's hand: "He did this on purpose," she says, and Simon wonders what could have been so terrible that he ambered himself. Etta points out he ambered the team, too and once they get Dr. Bishop out, he can tell them where they are. Simon says they don't want to get ahead of themselves.

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