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Amber Alert

Back over to Fringe and we're in Agent Broyles' office. He looks about a hundred years old, as does his state-of-the-20th-century-art equipment. Ancient computer, a desk made of wood -- what is this, the Middle Ages?

Windmark comes in, gives him a quick "Agent" and then sits down, pulling out a flask and taking a swig. He offers it to Broyles, who says that it's water, which doesn't do anything for him. Plus, Observer germs... gross!

Small talk over, the Observer puts a little device on Broyles' desk that displays a hologram of Rick's dead body and then informs Broyles that -- as much as he would have enjoyed "eliminating" him himself -- "native-on-native" killing cannot stand. Broyles, naturally, is all crusty and uncooperative, telling Windmark that they don't have any leads. "I like you, Phillip. But be assured, bite my hand and I will put you down." Windmark asks if Broyles would prefer if Windmark was in charge of native crime. What and give up all this? Broyles says he'll get Windmark a suspect, which pleases him. He gets up and is on his way out of the office when Broyles stops him to ask what he did in the future to earn himself such a crap detail. Windmark turns back and says, "I like animals." Quality burn, Broyles! You walked right into that one!

Elsewhere, Simon's carved himself off a nugget-sized chunk of the amber -- third-generation, he notes, with no reverse protocols. "There's no way to revert it to its gaseous form?" asks Etta. Simon smiles: "I didn't say that," he says. There's the light and crackle of some kind of acetylene torch or something and now the amber is melted and re-solidified over Simon's index finger. "It looks like the amber can only be reverted to its gaseous state momentarily," he says, which is bad news for Walter, because by the time he's aware enough to step out, the gas will just have re-solidified him again. She asks if they couldn't just push him out. "Not unless you want to end up encased in that stuff yourself," he tells her.

So it's over to the impound department, which is in the dingiest, poorest-lit part of Fringe run by a guy who lights up when Etta arrives, kind of like the way Gollum lit up around the ring. Anyway, he looks at what she's requested and asks what it's for. "Hell if I know. You know Simon," she says, shrugging. Buddy says not everyone trusts Simon. He starts talking about his friends and Etta's all, "Your friends in the city?" He chuckles at this and doesn't answer, but he does say some think Simon has allowed the resistance to operate a little too freely. He hands over a case that Etta signs for and warns her that Simon had better have a good reason for checking out old Level 2 tech, because his friends -- " the city?" asks Etta, slightly mockingly -- will be watching. "A girl like you might want to watch her P's and Q's. Wouldn't want to do the wrong thing," he says. Etta says she'll keep it in mind.

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