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Amber Alert

In the lab, Simon opens the box, which looks kinda like a handheld futuristic curling iron, but when he flicks it on it blows back everything on the table, quite forcefully. "Crowd control, back before the Loyalists decided it was easier just to use bullets," he tells Etta.

He affixes little discs to Walter's block of amber, saying he's quite proud of "these little beauties." Etta's holding the stun gun and he's got the control panel for his amber-negating discs or whatever. "When I say," he tells her and she says, "Really? I was gonna go before." Oooh, saucy! Yeah, this is definitely Olivia's kid.

After he gives her a sufficiently long stinkeye, he flips on the control panel and counts down from three. She fires the stun gun, which sends Walter flying backward, slamming into the wall, as the amber evaporates and then re-solidifies. "I didn't say 'now'!" yells Simon and Etta accuses him of being late.

They give a groggy Walter some sort of injection on his arm and revive him; Simon introduces himself, saying it's a great honor to meet him. Walter opens his eyes and tells Etta that she's very pretty. She smiles and tells him they just removed him from the amber. When he hears he was inside twenty years, Walter says it's no wonder he's so hungry and asks if they have anything to eat. His tapeworm's sweet tooth isn't going to feed itself!

Fortunately, the exceedingly considerate Fringe agents have a bag of licorice for Walter, who practically has an orgasm when he starts munching on one. Olivia... I mean "Etta," isn't interested in wasting any time and tells Walter that their records indicate that, after the invasion, Walter and his team discovered a way of getting rid of the Observers.

She's got a little hologram thing of her own that she says are the blueprints for the device he was working on, but they believe that before it was finished, Walter and his team were all caught in amber.

Walter, however, is preoccupied with finding out what they call this yummy red candy he's eating. "The same as you. We call it licorice," says Simon and Walter starts babbling about licorice and then he asks if they have Ring Dings. Simon glances at Etta, all, Jesus, this guy's an idiot. Also, he says to Etta, again: "Who are you? You're quite pretty." So we're guessing he's relatively insane in the membrane.

That means it's brain-scan time. Walter's lying down in the MRI or whatever they're using in 2036 and a frustrated-sounding Simon tells him to try to stay perfectly still. "Yes, I hear you, Peter. I will try not to move," says Walter, clearly addled. Etta walks in and has some sort of thing that connects to the other thing or whatever it is that powers the machine and Simon looks at the brain imaging and says Walter's neuropathways have degraded. "It looks as if he's experienced some sort of trauma. Probably because he was so close to the blast horizon of the amber." Walter! When you were in the amber, did you feel your brain getting damaged? Etta wants to know how they fix him and Simon doesn't know.

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