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Statue of Limitations
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Following Michael bafflingly stepping off the train and into the hands of Windmark, the team has retreated to Formerly Harvard University, where they make contact with Anil at the Resistance, who reports that no one has heard any chatter about a child Observer. Astrid was tracking the convoy that was transporting him, but even that dropped off the grid so they're stuck and have no idea how to get in touch with Dontember to see if he's got some freaky magic Observer way of getting in touch with him, but they'll find out when he gets back from doing whatever it is he's doing.

"Try him again," Peter urges Olivia, and she calls... ol' Broyles! You're damn right there wasn't going to be a series finale without him! He ignores the beeping phone, but stops a brusque Loyalist lieutenant in the hall and asks about the "high-value detainee" who was taken custody into custody last night; Broyles needs to know where he's being held. The lieutenant says he's under strict orders not to disclose that, and Broyles says he just got word Fringe division is supposed to provide reinforced security. He then reminds him there's supposed to be a "measure of cooperation" between their divisions, but the Loyalist says there's been a change in protocol after the security breaches from within. Broyles boldly asks if the lieutenant is suggesting Broyles is the dove. "I'm really more of a raven, don't you think?" he says. Even human turncoats in 2036 don't want to appear racist, so the lieutenant tells Broyles that the detainee is being held in Detention Camp 17, East Wing, of Liberty Island. Broyles walks away, and the lieutenant asks who the detainee is. "Hell if I know," says Broyles, not even bothering to look back. Broyles! Cooperation!

Over to Liberty Island now, which is where the Statue of Liberty used to be, but now is just home to Lady Liberty's feet and a little robe and not much else. Presumably the rest of it is washed up on a beach somewhere, waiting for Charlton Heston. Windmark and a couple of Observers enter the brightly-lit room where Michael is strapped to a chair. "I am intrigued by you, Anomaly XB-6784746," says Windmark, who sits down across from him. I hate it when he gets all gushy like this.

Windmark tells Michael it's in his interest to communicate with him and then that light buzzing noise starts up that means he's probing the kid's mind. He asks Michael what the people he was with want with him, what his significance is to them, but all he gets back are echoes of his own questions and he starts to strain while Michael calmly stares at him. "Tell me about September. The one who hid you. Why did he hide you? To what end?" says Windmark, visibly struggling . The buzzing gets louder -- and then Windmark has a nosebleed. He looks a little astonished -- you made him bleed his own blood! -- but he wipes it away with a handkerchief and keeps trying, asking what the fugitives' plan is and how it involves Michael.

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