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Statue of Limitations

No dice -- now it's Windmark's right eye that fills up with blood. He stands up -- Michael looks not in the least concerned -- and retrieves his hat from a HenchObserver. "Run complete and thorough diagnostics. Find out what it is," he says, with the HenchObserver having already written down, "Little" and "Bald" and "Kicked Windy's ass."

And now we're into the opening credits for the last time never (Me, an hour from now: "Nope, the second last time ever.")

In a park, ol' Broyles hooks up his elaborate non-traceable phone setup so he can call Peter back and pass on the bad news that Michael is being held in a fortress on Liberty Island with towers manned 24 hours and at least five layers of security, and he doesn't have clearance to get them access. Everyone looks gloomily at the holograph schematic that Broyles uploaded to them, showing the neurological research unit where Michael is likely going to be experimented on... or worse.

Peter optimistically says no building is impenetrable, but Broyles shoots down every possible plan; a boat would be picked up by the motion sensors and there are too many alarms and redundancies built in for Astrid to be able to make a go of hacking in and disabling them.

It's Olivia who suggests doing an end run by bypassing security altogether via "the other side." And it's been so long that Astrid's reaction is, "The other side of what?" Olivia figures she can cross over to the other side, go to the corresponding spot where Michael is being held, pop back in again, grab Michael and then back through the other side and home again. Astrid points out that the Cortexiphan is burned out of her system so she can't cross over. Olivia looks with hope at Walter and says maybe there's a way she can get it back.

After a moment, Walter and says maybe she can. And it's back down to the Cabinet of Walter Bishop, where he keeps every horrible toxin and weapon and grotesquely killed corpse he can, to fetch some Cortexiphan. Peter asks how they know if it's even good anymore and Walter says it's got a shelf life of 127 years. It's in the fridge, right next to the vodka!

Astrid points out -- as if we need to worry about little details when the overall time-travel plan is beyond ridiculous -- that when Olivia was given the Cortexiphan before, it was in controlled doses over a long period of time. Walter explains that it created a network of neurological pathways that may have atrophied through lack of use but may be temporarily reactivated by a large does or blah blah, whatever it's the series finale just go with it.

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