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Statue of Limitations

Peter gets all gooey and tells her that she's coming back with the boy, for Etta, and also that he loves her. She responds in kind and then steps away. They stare at each other while the camera spins around and the background shimmers and darkens and eventually comes back into focus and when Olivia looks up into the sky, she sees a zeppelin floating overhead. Aw, I've missed those!

And sure enough, an alert pops up on a screen somewhere at Fringe Division, and a soldier alerts her superior to a breach. Elsewhere, Fauxlivia goes strolling by a television with a news crawl letting us know that Chelsea Clinton is leading polls in the presidential race. On another channel, Sean Hannity's son is warning of the coming socialist apocalypse if Chelsea Clinton is elected.

Fauxlivia's strolling around, wearing baggy, flowing clothes that I think are supposed to indicate a little weight gain, but she still looks amazing obviously. She canoodles a little bit with Lincoln Lee, who looks exactly the same except for a dusting of grey in his hair and apparently their current jobs at Fringe Division are to swan around the place looking hot when they're not gazing lovingly at each other. Yay, he got his Olivia after all! And after a swarm of Fringe soldiers surround Olivia on the front steps of the building, Fauxlivia gets a call on her cuff.

Olivia has been taken to Fauxlivia's office, where she looks at family pictures of Lincoln, Fauxlivia and a teenage son. Fauxlivia and Lincoln arrive, looking surprised and concerned to see her, especially looking exactly the same as the last time they saw her. Olivia says that she was in amber for 21 years, an explanation that itself raises a lot more questions, but that can wait until after Fauxlivia hugs her. Lincoln seems a lot more worried (I hope it's not that he's still not over her, because come on, guy!).

Olivia fills them on everything up until Etta freeing them all from amber, at which they're all, "Oh, you found her! That's great!" Before Olivia can bum them all out with the conclusion to that story, she starts hallucinating young Etta in the room and suddenly she's having difficulty hearing what's going on, much to the concern of Lincoln and Fauxlivia. When she comes to, she appears to have explained the time-traveling part of the plan and then moves right into the rescuing-Michael part of the plan. It's kind of amusing the way Fauxlivia and Lincoln don't question anything, but just spring into action, with Lincoln saying he'll go arrange transportation to Liberty Island.

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