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Statue of Limitations

And now the alarms start to go off, just as, in the OR, the surgeon is about to start cutting Michael with a laser scalpel. An Observer pops in to tell him there's been a breach in security and he's to remain there until it's resolved. The Observer pops out, and seconds later someone is banging on the OR's doors. The surgeon looks at it, but doesn't do anything and a moment later the door is shot open and Olivia's kicking her way in, shooting the surgeon in the heart and ordering the terrified Loyalist nurse not to move.

The corners of Michael's mouth curl up in the biggest smile possible for this kid. Olivia gathers him up in her arms and phases out just as an Observer comes into the OR. He cocks his head and then pops out himself...

...and as Olivia returns to the other side, he does too, shoving her against the wall. He goes after Michael, but is dropped by the tag team of Lincoln Lee and Fauxlivia, who feel a little bit too cocky and pleased with themselves, such that they're not paying attention and Olivia has to yell "BEHIND YOU!" as another Observer pops in.

He's quickly dispatched and Fauxlivia hustles Olivia and Michael out of there while Lincoln Lee hangs around in case any more come through. Although theoretically they can pop in wherever they want, right? Incidentally, the close-up shots really show off the nice job they did aging Fauxlivia and even baby-faced Lincoln (I was exaggerating about them looking exactly the same).

The women and Michael disembark at a pier in Battery Park, apparently without further incident and Olivia thanks Fauxlivia (who is, it only just occurred to me, dressed much the way Nina Sharp dresses, which would fit with the age Fauxlivia is now). They do a little mother-bonding over Fauxlivia's beautiful family and Olivia's efforts to get hers back, and then Olivia hugs Michael and crosses back over...

...where everyone is hanging out by the van in Battery Park and they've managed to not get arrested despite being the most wanted fugitives in the world and loitering in the park for the past couple of hours. It's a happy reunion, but Olivia warns them that the Observers know they crossed over and she's not sure how much time they have. But they get in the van and there's always enough time for cuddling with Peter, it seems.

Over at HQ, Windmark is scribbling away in his dream journal or whatever when two HenchObservers escort in the Loyalist lieutenant ol' Broyles was talking to earlier, apparently at Windmark's request. Windmark makes him stew for a moment before finally looking up and telling him he was one of three officers who knew the high-value detainee's location. The Loyalist suddenly looks very ill. "If you imparted this information to anyone else, I need to know," says Windmark. After a moment, the Loyalist says, "He told me that you authorized it, sir." "Who?" asks Windmark, and the Loyalist gives up Agent Broyles. Windmark closes his eyes for a moment and then opens them up again, which is for him the equivalent of a temper tantrum.

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