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We Are All on Drugs
body, calls Astrid and Peter "kids") and say they think they've found a way to bring Olivia's mind back and remove Bell's: whole brain emulation. Naturally, it's another one of Bell's old projects, one that describes how an inorganic host can house organic material -- they've got an old computer, and they're going to put Bell into it. Or, rather, Walter is delegating that task to Astrid. "It's very self-explanatory," he says, not helpful at all. The scientists leave, forcing an extremely confused Peter and Astrid to chase after them, all "what the fuck?"

Walter says they're going to enter Olivia's mind in a "simple variation" of what they did when Olivia and good 'ol John Scott shared a dream state. Man, ex-boyfriends get brought up in the weirdest ways on Fringe.

All they have to do is tune their own brains to match the electric field of Olivia's. That's why Bell's looking for the neurosensors, over on the back shelf by the fish food. Peter, skeptical as ever, points out that entering Olivia's brain required an electromagnetic probe and mass quantities of hallucinogenics, and Walter is all, "Of course! LSD!" And now Walter is asking his son if he's "ever tripped" and then he's babbling about how Olivia's mind will be a maze-like iteration of her psyche, and since Peter knows her better than anyone, they need him to guide them. Without waiting for Peter to say OK, Walter's ordering Astrid to mix up two thousand milligrams of LSD, and they need some sugar cubes.

Then Walter drips some acid on the sugar cube, and tells his son not to be nervous, because "there are things in this very lab that are as mindblowing as anything that I've experienced while tripping." This could very well make Peter more nervous, not less, especially since he almost died once from drinking something he shouldn't have. Anyway, Peter eats the sugar cube with Walter explaining that he's added an accelerant to the acid so Peter will feel its effects sooner, and that once they're in Olivia's mind they should all be very cogent and I would just like to know on what he is basing THAT hypothesis. Anyway, he goes to help Bell and Astrid tells Peter not to worry; she'll be watching the monitors to make sure he's OK. Peter, a little choked up, says it's not himself he's worried about.

"I'm pretty sure there's a good reason why we can't enter each other's minds. What if we kick something loose in there?" Except I guess you can enter each other's minds, so does that make you not worried? Astrid says she thinks Peter's Olivia's only hope. So now he's got THAT pressure on him.

Then Broyles comes in to see how things are going. Peter starts staring at him and tries to rub his hand on Broyles' head (try to imagine how impressed Broyles is by this). Oh my god, this guy does the best Broyles!

"You're bald," Peter says, full of wonderment, and then he leans in and stage-whispers conspiratorially to Astrid, "I think he's an Observer." Astrid tells him it's OK, and sends him over to Walter, who's starting to look a little glassy-eyed himself. Broyles stares at him. I love how often Broyles looks like he wonders how the hell he's supposed to justify the various Fringe budgetary items.

"Drugs?" he says, skeptically, to Astrid as she injects our heroes, who are all now sitting in their chairs and tripping. "Yep. Lots of 'em," says Astrid, and then she goes over and stands by Broyles, watching as the three acid droppers lose consciousness.

We're with Peter as he suddenly "wakes up" on a busy city sidewalk, on an overcast day with everyone dressed in various shades of black and grey. It's kind of like how you imagine Velvet Underground concerts in the '60s. Peter has just barely put his sunglasses on for some reason when he hears his father yelling his name. He looks around, and then spots Walter. "I think you'd better help me down," says Walter, who is on top of a city bus, because of course he is. And now the bus is pulling away! Thrilling action coming up right after this commercial break!

Except that's not what we get; at the tail end of what appears to have been some sort of action sequence that was presumably cut short, Walter is just all of a sudden on the ground and bitching at Peter for grabbing him by the crotch of his pants. "Hey, I broke your fall, didn't I?" is Peter's reaction, and Walter snaps about being spared no embarrassment. "I thought you said none of this was real anyway," says Peter. Walter: "I said that everything is a product of Olivia's subconscious. My feelings are definitely real." Hey, since when does ANYTHING embarrass Walter?

Anyway, there's no sign of Bell, which doesn't concern Peter, because A) they're there for Olivia anyway, and B) we already know he kinda wants Bell to die. Walter elects to just start wandering the streets to look for Olivia, and Peter points out that it looks like everyone raided Olivia's closet. "More likely, she equipped them according to her preferences," says Bell. I commend Olivia's subconscious United Nations. I'm afraid any visitors to my mind would find a city populated by a million Marisa Tomeis. Walter says something about Cortexiphan subjects experiencing a strong desire to blend in, to stay in the background: "They were designed that way." Yeah, it wouldn't have anything to do with not wanting to be experimented on, hey?

Anyway, Peter's about to ask for a little clarification on "designed that way" when Walter notices a series of bright flashes coming from near the top of one of the Twin Towers, which are standing in Olivia's subconscious. "I believe it's Morse code!" he says, and then goes rooting around in a garbage can. Peter assumes Walter's going to eat the chocolate pudding he finds, like how much of a jackass can Peter possibly be, but Walter just wants the foil lid so he can signal back. "It's Olivia! She found us!" says Walter, delighted, after a short conversation via Morse code. Jesus, it's your subconscious, Olivia, pick up a cellphone or use mental telepathy. Peter tells his dad to tell her to stay there, and they're on their way. You could probably at least suggest she meet you in the lobby.

Back in the real world, Astrid and Broyles don't see much outward change in the sleeping trio. "Do you really think it's possible to upload a person's consciousness to a computer?" he asks Astrid. Instead of saying "no" like a sane person would, Astrid says she's just following Bell's instructions. Also, who is she to say that The Lawnmower Man couldn't happen in real life? And then Broyles starts to fixate on a piece of Walter's red licorice. "I never understood why Walter was so drawn to licorice. But look at it. The swirl... it's Bernini's spiral altar at St. Peter's. It... doesn't end," he says. Awww yeah, Broyles likes to party.

Astrid goes from confused to comprehending, and asks if Broyles cleaned up the lab equipment behind them, and Broyles, who certainly strikes me as a "If you have time to lean, you have time to clean" kinda guy, confirms he did touch the tray with the sugar cubes. "Sure. Why?" he asks, not taking his eyes off the licorice, and Astrid says, "Have you ever taken LSD?" THAT finally gets Broyles' attention.

Meanwhile, Peter and Walter are no closer to the Towers, which loom even larger than they ought to in the distance, as Peter notes. "It's Olivia's mind assigning importance. Our surroundings represent her emotional landscape, don't forget," says Walter -- and now they got trouble.

He notices a creepy guy across the street staring at them. It's Olivia's stepfather, and Peter and Walter duck around the corner, because that's going to work. They peek around, and the stepfather is still standing there glaring at them. Not only that; suddenly everyone on the street stops what they're doing and starts staring at them. Cars screech to a halt in the street and the drivers get out and stare. "Walter, I'm getting a bad feeling about this," says Peter. Probably because he saw Inception too.

So any suggestions? Walter says, "Run!" and Peter and Walter take off runni

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