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We Are All on Drugs
n entire mob of people, including soldiers with M-16s, and then Bell trips and he tells Olivia to go on without him, but instead she turns and walks back toward the advancing mob and says, "Stop. I'm not afraid of you." Obligingly, they stop. By the time Bell has clambered back to his feet, young Olivia has become regular Olivia again.

The mob is pretty much frozen, everyone standing there slightly swaying, and Olivia asks how. Bell's theory is that Olivia should have felt safe inside her own mind, except, Olivia has never actually felt safe. "You are your own worst enemy, Olivia. You took the opportunity to let your fears overwhelm you." Geez, give her a lecture inside her own mind? But she just fought back, so in the end she's as strong as he and Walter always figured she was: "And now you know it too." Olivia asks what happens next, and Bell tells her to go back, but he won't, because for her to survive, he needs to leave. "I don't understand," says Olivia, and I can't believe people on this show don't just go around saying "I don't understand" every single day. "You don't have to," says Bell. Then lightning and thunder start crackling and rumbling, and Bell says that's Walter, right on time. He asks Olivia to tell Walter that he knew the dog wouldn't hunt. Lightning flashes again, and Olivia looks up into the sky, and when she looks back again, everyone -- the army, Bell -- is gone.

And then there's Olivia waking up in Walter's lab, Peter and Astrid smiling from ear to ear as they realize it's her. Walter tells her to lie back and rest, and then he goes back to check the Consciousness Monitor and gleefully announces that there's just "one glorious consciousness." Olivia asks what's going on, and Peter asks her what she remembers. "I remember you. And I remember William Bell was there," she says.

Meanwhile, Astrid looks to see that the computer screen is warning her: "Error 670: Soul not found". It didn't work, she tells Walter. "He's gone. William's gone," he says, sadly. And then Olivia is finally finished reuniting with her boyfriend enough so she can pass on Bell's message about how he knew the dog wouldn't hunt. Walter nods and quietly explains that Bell would use that expression when he knew something wouldn't work, and Astrid, who is supposed to be pretty smart herself, points out the stupid soul computer was Bell's idea, and Walter says Bell knew he wasn't coming out, and he hates goodbyes. He fights back tears and walks off, and Astrid looks sad, and then brightens up enough to go welcome Olivia back.

Later, Walter's mourning in his office when Astrid comes in with a plate of cookies, and a tablet computer onto which she's downloaded some episodes of Zoom which is some educational show from the '70s that I've never heard of, onto a tablet computer for him and she offers to watch it with him if he wants, and despite Astrid being about a million different kinds of awesome, Walter says he'd like to be alone a little while longer. She nods and tells him to take his time, and leaves. Smart woman: left the computer and the cookies.

Olivia's doing some paperwork or, I don't know, her taxes or something in her apartment when Peter shows up, looking a little more rested than the last time she saw him, and they beam at each other and then hug and she asks if he's hungry, and he says "no" instead of "in a sense."

In the kitchen, he asks how she's feeling, and she says it's like she's just woken up from a really strange dream, and she thanks him for coming to get her. Peter jokes that it's not as dangerous as crossing into another universe, but he tries, and then he half-jokingly wonders what they're going to have to deal with next, and she says she's not afraid to move forward anymore.

As her toast pops up, Peter sees what she was working on at the kitchen table: a sketch of the dude from the zeppelin. He asks Olivia who he is: "I saw him in your mind. You had him locked up in a zeppelin. He was just flying around trapped in there."

Olivia blithely says she hasn't seen him before: "But I think that he's the man who's going to kill me." Peter's shocked by this, clearly as much at how she said it as what she said. She said it like you'd say, "I gotta pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow." Geez -- when her fear disappears, it disappears.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. He never should have taken the brown acid. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel[at]

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