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Angel of the Mourning
st in the woman's face, and we go to black immediately.

After the commercial break, Walter is angrily bringing a bag of Fauxlivia's stuff to her, the "junk you left behind in your haste to slink away," he says, and he dumps it all over the counter instead of just giving her the bag. She's delighted that he held onto her stuff all this time, and he's taken aback, and singles out a little metal cube that he says confounded him. He assumes that's one of her "tools of spycraft," like a "sinister" communication device or a "devious" encoder.

"Wow. I really go to you, didn't I, Walter?" she says, taking the thing from him. She asks a speechless Walter if he ever considered that maybe it's because he enjoyed having her around. "Admit it. You like me, Walter."

Too stunned to answer, Walter's rescued by Farnsworthbot, who tells him that Astrid's summoning him: "The Fringe team is at the scene," she says.

Astrid and Peter are in the little corridor where Neil sprayed the vacillating drunk, where the forensic tech is explaining that the way this woman died is among the weirdest things she's ever seen. "She bleeding from her eyes?" asks Peter, and tech asks how he knew that. "There seems to be a lot of that going around lately," he says. Walter tells "Asterix" to get a DNA sample, but before she can relay that to Peter, Peter's already getting one. Walter doesn't appear to like that one bit.

As Olivia strolls up, Peter's taking a sample from her nose and discovers that there's been some hemorrhaging of the nasal passage -- maybe she inhaled the poison. That out of the way, Astrid's all, "What were you saying?" to Walter, who says it doesn't matter. He's in the middle of telling her to ask Olivia to bring the body to the lab, when Peter asks her to do exactly that. Farnsworthbot, taking everything in, asks, "Does he always do all the jobs?" An extremely grumpy Walter doesn't answer but just shuts off the television.

Later, in the lab, Walter carries a tray of instruments over to where, to his chagrin, Peter is already examining the body. He gives the tray of scalpels to Peter, saying they can use some sharpening. "And you're sharing that with me why?" asks Peter, and Walter says, "I thought you'd sharpen them for me. You said you wanted to help." Peter says he meant with the autopsy, and Walter pointedly says the screws in the rib-spreader could also use some tightening. Peter puts on a tight smile and takes the scalpels and leaves.

Walter gets to work on the body, as Farnsworthbot comes over and says he's angry with his son. Barely paying attention to her, Walter says Peter isn't his son, and Farnsworthbot says she understands that in a different timeline, he is. "Or so he says," says Walter. Farnsworthbot flat-out asks if Walter feels love for Peter, since she has found that anger inevitably seems to be conjoined with emotional investment. Walter admits that Peter is a reminder of the son he had, and wish had lived, but he is not that son. And that makes you suffer? asks Farnsworthbot. Yes, says Walter. Now you know why humans cry, Farnsworthbot. She asks if it wouldn't be preferable to choose to believe that Peter is his son. And then Walter could love him and be happy. Walter seems to consider this but doesn't answer.

In the office, Olivia and Fauxlivia are trying to find some connection between the victims, taking a time-out so Fauxlivia can talk about how cute Peter is and how he's probably all contradictory and tricky like his dad, and Olivia passive-aggressives that she imagines he's just her type, and Fauxlivia says it actually turns out she likes the nice guys. Like Peter is some kind of gangster or something.

Anyway, back to work. Victims didn't live in the same neighborhood, didn't go to the same gym, no mutual friends. Olivia says there has to be a connection, otherwise they've got a killer on the loose and no lead to find him.

But we're gong to get a glimpse of that link right now: there's Neil Chung, a TSA agent at an airport, checking people's IDs and sending them through security. We see that his little blue glow stick is on his counter. When he holds an older woman's ID over it, nothing, but when a busy douchebag-type suit passes over his ID, the glow stick glows a brighter blue. After sending him through security, Neil jots down the man's name, Jared Colin, on a little notepad, and then gets back to work.

After the commercial break, we're still in Boston, because Jared Colin missed his flight. He's trying to explain this to some guy named Bill with whom he was apparently supposed to meet and work out some sort of deal, and who seems to think Jared's missing his flight was some kind of ruse. As Jared makes his way to his car in the parking garage -- we see a reflection of March in a car window observing what's going on -- he says he's hanging up the phone: "Call me back when you get a personality I can deal with." See? Douchebag!

Then he spots Neil Chung, who's standing there staring at him. "Can I help you?" he says, in that tone of voice that implies he doesn't actually want to help at all. "Making your next call will destroy your life," says Neil, who goes on to explain that Jared will be driving, and when a taxi cuts him off his reaction won't be quick enough because he'll only have one hand on the wheel. Jared says his life is none of this guy's business, but we know by now that Neil's about to get a lot more specific: the car will flip, shattering Jared's spinal cord, leaving him a paraplegic. Since he's got no family, he'll wind up in a group home run by a man who is "not kind," (Jared notes the glowing blue thing Neil puts back in his pocket) and no one mourns when Jared's body is discovered more than ten hours after he dies. Pulling his little toxic Binaca spray out of his other pocket, Neil says, "I'm going to spare you from all that misery. A painless exit from a living nightmare," but Jared blocks him with his briefcase and starts to run. Neil chases him -- we can March standing in the background watching everything -- but Jared is hit by a car that's going a little too fast for a parking garage. He bounces off the windshield and lies in a heap on the ground. Jesus, an Observer and a car? You'd think Neil would be a little more careful about making sure no one's around while he's killing people.

So Peter and Olivia are over at the Boston Medical Center because they've gotten wind of Jared Colin's attacker, who had some kind of atomizer. Puzzling Olivia, though, is that Jared reported never having seen the man before. I know it's not the case here, but she seems to be dismissing the common scenario of someone lying about who attacked them for fear of retribution (and in this case, Jared just doesn't remember having met Neil, but that's because he was too busy being a douchebag). Anyway, they meet with the doctor, who tells them Jared's spinal cord is severed right below T-1, so he's never going to walk again.

She takes them to meet Jared, head and neck immobilized, and he explains he wasn't supposed to be in town but in Dallas, selling his company to his "scumbag partner, who for six years has made [his] life a living hell." He was looking forward to a new beginning, but there was a water bottle in his carry-on, and by the time the "damn TSA" was done with him, he'd missed his flight. Damn, is that really how it is in the States? The last time I accidentally had liquid in a carryon bag, the agent just threw it out and I was on my way.

Olivia asks if there's anything else he can remember about the guy. "He had this weird rod. It was blue, and he'd look into it like he was some kind of fortune teller. He said I was gonna have a car accident, and I was gonna end up like this." Peter's all, so this guy predicted what was going to happen? Jared said this isn't exactly what happened, but exactly doesn't really matter. Olivia shows him pictures of the other two victims, but he doesn't recognize them. Then he starts moaning about how the guy said he wanted to put him out of his misery, like he was doing a good deed, li

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