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You Can't Call It Cheating, Because She Reminds Me of You
to the prescribing physician, a Dr. Alexandra Ross, while he arranges to have the body transferred to Walter's lab. For Walter, getting a dead body delivered is like Christmas.

So Peter and Olivia are over at the hospital, where Dr. Ross is still in surgery, which is great, because now they have plenty of time to talk. And what better place than a hospital cafeteria to tell the woman you're in love with that you'd been sleeping with the alternate-universe version of her? First, though, he points out the coffee she's drinking is "swill," and instead of pointing out that he appears to be drinking the exact same swill, she just says it's nice to take a cup of coffee for granted.

And then she says it's like how when you come back from a vacation that some things are "a revelation, like coffee or my favorite shoes," like what in god's name are you blathering about, and then she says other things are not as good: "My mail was opened. It's kind of disconcerting knowing that somebody else has been living your life."

Then she notices Peter looking all uncomfortable, and she asks him what's up, and I think it's that he thought she said, "My male was opened," but then it turns out that he figures that while she's lamenting Fauxlivia living Olivia's life is a good time for him to bring up the sex. But first he's going to endlessly go on about the slight changes that he says he noticed. Such as? "She's much quicker with a smile, and less, I don't know, less intense maybe," he says. Yeah, keep it up, Peter. No way this could make Olivia feel worse about the situation. Anyway, Olivia tries to comfort him by saying there's no way he could have known. Olivia, you may want to let him finish. "When you asked me to come back to this world with you, you said..." he starts, and she finishes, "...that you belonged with me," and she smiles, and then it's really something to watch her smile fade as Peter explains that when Fauxlivia came back, they started seeing each other. "And I explained away the differences because our relationship was different. I thought she was you, Olivia." Still OK with it, Olivia? She quietly asks if everyone knows, and he says he reported everything when he found out who she was. And he thought it best to write up a short piece for the FBI employee monthly newsletter. Rob Thomas, I hope you're watching sir. Because THIS, sir, this is how a heart breaks. Anna Torv kills it. And I'm enjoying the various camps regarding Anna Torv's acting, there's the "I always knew she was good" crowd, of which I am a member (although I think she's graduated to great this season), there's the "I didn't like her but I was wrong" crowd, and there's the "I didn't like her and I stand by that but now she is good" crowd. That last bunch? You belong in the second bunch.

So Olivia looks stricken, and Peter apologizes, and then Olivia goes full-on into "no, really, it's OK" mode and says that Fauxlivia had a really full life with a really sweet boyfriend, and implies that Olivia might have got some lovin' of her own if people weren't dying of smallpox over there. Her point is that none of Fauxlivia's friends knew that it wasn't her for the past couple of months either.

Anyway, she's interrupted by a nurse who lets them know that Dr. Ross is out of surgery, and Peter asks her to give them a second, which is fair, because I'm sure a heart surgeon has nothing better to do than wait around for you guys to hash out your fucked-up personal lives instead of helping you find a dangerous organ thief. It's Olivia who over-brightly tells Peter that it's fine, and they're good, and they go to talk to the doctor.

Dr. Ross is all, "His heart was removed?" and Peter asks about the medications that this Mr. Russo was on, and Dr. Ross explains that it was the standard regimen for transplant recipients. "Mr. Russo suffered from congestive heart failure. He was on the list for over a year waiting for a donor," she says, and Olivia says, "He had a heart transplant?" and thank got such a sharp deductive mind is finally back over here and working for the good guys.

Elsewhere, classical music plays while Mr. Mary Poppins does some closing surgery on a lifeless female body lying on the operating table. She's got a lengthy incision running all the way up her abdomen to her neck. He caresses her forehead and says, "It won't be long now. It will be OK," and the creepiness factor of this episode is ratcheting up by the minute.

Back at the Harvard lab, Astrid tells Walter that Nina checked Massive Dynamic's archives personally and couldn't find anything on this "Yatsko project," and Walter says that can't be right: "Belly and I created a serum similar to this in the mid-70s. I'm certain of it. We were trying to devise a method ... of questioning someone after death." He says this last bit thoughtfully, as if something just occurred to him. Was that thought "Hey, whatever happened to us questioning people after they died which was so big at the beginning of Season 1"? Anyway, Walter tells Astrid to tell Nina to look under "pet projects," because maybe the Yatsko research was folded into that, and I would imagine that Nina's search capabilities are sophisticated enough that she could have come up with that already. Walter talks like he thinks the Massive Dynamic archives are like a big card catalog.

And then Astrid briskly walks out the door like someone who actually has a personal life to go home to, as Peter comes in: "Don't let him keep you here too late, OK?" she tells Peter, before saying goodnight to Walter (getting a "goodnight, Esther" in return), who wants to smell something and tell his dad what he deduces, and Peter seems to be in such a good mood (maybe he's excited about the Celtics' ten-game winning streak?) that he isn't his usual sarcastic self when Walter asks him to do something so potentially gross and (in this lab) possibly fatal.

Anyway, Walter wants Peter to smell the corpse, and he does so. "I'm not vomiting," says Peter, and it must be a little unnerving to work in a place where not vomiting after smelling something is a pleasant surprise. "By now, it should be emitting the unmistakable odour of putrefaction. This corpse's decomposition has slowed to almost zero," says Walter, adding that he and Astrid (he gets Astrid's name right now that she's gone home) isolated some sort of serum in the corpse's blood, a preservative that's radically slowed cell degradation.

Peter wonders why the organ thief would slow down the guy's death since they'd stolen the heart, and Walter thinks it was a conscience thing; after all, the guy did call 911. "If the EMTs had got him on a heart-lung machine in time, he might have survived. It's highly unlikely, of course, but I'm betting it helps our organ thief sleep well at night," says Walter, which provides Peter with a nice little segue -- "Well, at least somebody is" -- into talking about his own problems. Walter takes that to mean that he hasn't told Olivia, and Peter proudly tells his dad that he in fact did tell Olivia, who took it "surprisingly well," according to Peter, and I guess the real reason that Peter didn't know Fauxlivia wasn't really Olivia is because he doesn't know anything about women IN GENERAL, let alone Olivia in particular. Walter's surprised to hear that, and asks if maybe they replaced Olivia with a robot. I think telling Olivia apart from a robot would be harder than telling her apart from Fauxlivia.

Speaking of Olivia, she's at home, going through her closet, and we learn that she shops at a place called Everything Black and Grey, and then she looks at herself in the mirror and touches her Fauxlivia tattoo on the back of her neck. Then she starts yanking clothes off the hangers. No plastic or wire coat hangers for Olivia! All wood, baby! She gets angrier and angrier. And she yanks sheets off her bed and takes them to the little closet that houses her washer and dryer, and discovers a load of clothes that Fauxlivia had left there, apparently without even washing because Peter's MIT T-shirt is there and it is magical

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