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She's Only Fatal When She's Dancing
time. Olivia chalks it up to "home stuff," and Peter is all, "I know from 'home stuff.' I live with a guy inspecting a severed spine," and I hate to point out to Peter that that is actually WORK stuff, and it's YOUR JOB TOO.

So he and Olivia mosey over to where Walter is pointing out the bite marks on the back: "See how the flesh is ripped and jagged, markings. Canine or even ursine, but human." If it's canine or ursine, isn't that, you know, not human? I'm confused, but it's best not to worry about it too much. The upshot is that someone chewed the guy's spine out, but with a jaw strength well in excess of that of a normal human being. Peter jokes that they're maybe looking for Dracula, which doesn't even make any sense, but Walter's thrilled because he thinks Peter's snide remark means that his son is finally opening his mind to "new possibilities." Then Walter laments that vampires, sadly, do not exist. At least, not until sweeps.

Over in Broyles' office, Olivia brings her boss up to speed. "What? We have another Monster of the Week? What about exploring more of this show's overarching mythology?" he says to her. Olivia says Walter's sure the teeth marks are human, and Broyles wryly says he can just about remember when a suspect being human was a given, not an option.

Olivia tells him that Bob Dunn had an Audi that was missing, and the team couldn't find it in a two-block sweep, and local police are looking for it: "We could get lucky. Maybe the killer took it," she says, and adds that Walter's at the lab with both bodies, doing autopsies. Broyles tells her to keep him updated, which is EXACTLY what she's currently doing.

Anyway, instead of getting back to work, Olivia kind of hovers around his desk until he asks her if there's anything else. She leans in and says, "This may sound impolitic, sir, but I was wondering if you were satisfied with your divorce attorney." He looks at her, surprised, and she continues: "I've heard you talking on the phone to your kids, but never to your wife." Broyles eventually says, "I was satisfied. Except for the bill." What I would have said was, "I haven't ever used a divorce attorney. But if you ever need a funeral director, I can help you out with that. Any more conclusions you've leapt to?" So she asks if she can get the name and number, and he picks up his phone and taps a few buttons and tells her it should be waiting in her inbox. She thanks him and starts to go, and he says, "I hope things work out for your sister." Before she can react, he says, "I pay attention too, Agent Dunham." And she smiles at him all, Well played, boss, and walks out. Maybe she's thinking about hooking Rachel up with Broyles instead of Peter.

So in the lab, Walter is autopsying one of the bodies, and singing a song about the vertebrae connections until Peter thankfully makes him stop, and Astrid comes over to tell Peter, "When you finally meet a nice girl, I would avoid bringing her home for as long as possible," and yet somehow fails to add, "Because your dad might STAB HER IN THE NECK WITH A HYPODERMIC NEEDLE," and instead gives Walter the lab work he requested. Walter's hoping it helps them understand why the victims' spinal columns have been drained of fluid. "The killer took the victims' spinal fluid? Why would they do that?" says Astrid, who's apparently forgetting that there is any number of reasons, including the fact that the traditional anniversary gift for eleven years just happens to be spinal fluid. Walter says, "Where would the fun be if we already knew all there is to know?"

Examining the lab work, Walter notes that there were traces of treponema pallidum, which is syphilis, found on the victim's neck and back, most likely from the killer's saliva. "Great. I should have warn gloves," whines Peter, which really was true even before finding out the syphilis. "What's even more fascinating, this particular strain of syphilis is extinct. Has been for decades," continues Walter, and Peter asks how that can be. "See, isn't this fun?" says Walter. No, Rock Band is fun. This is exposing yourself to syphilis on a victim whose spinal cord was chewed up by some kind of supernatural human. But Astrid and Peter share a smile.

So Olivia quickly gets on it, and a CDC agent shows up at the federal building to tell her that particular strain of syphilis was shipped out four weeks ago to a Lubov Pharmaceuticals, which has a local address in Brighton. Olivia thanks him, and adds that a phone call would have sufficed. Maybe he's got a crush on you, Olivia! Don't embarrass him! He tells her he's not sure a phone call would have been enough: "I took the liberty of running the rest of Lubov's research requests over the past few years. This isn't the first contagion they've ordered from us. In fact, there have been quite a few." He hands her a file that she flips through, and then looks at him, startled

Over to Broyles's office again, where the CDC agent briefly explains that it's kosher for properly credentialed scientists to order bacteria and viruses for their research, and then Olivia has to jump in and say that Lubov has also procured a sample of a substance called RUD-90, which the agent says is a chemical compound used in the construction of bioweapons. "You're suggesting whoever's behind these killings may also be planning a biological attack?" says Broyles. I suggest you guys go after Tony Almeida. Olivia says, "Or has before. RUD-390 was one of the components of the rapid skin growth toxin that killed Agent Kent." "You're saying this is ZFT?" says Broyles, and the CDC agent is all, "What's ZFT?" like sure hope this guy has the proper clearance, BROYLES, who goes ahead and explains about ZFT being a terrorist organization responsible for a number of bio-attacks in the past year. The CDC agent asks what their agenda is. "That's what we wanna find out," says Olivia, and Broyles tells her to assemble an assault team and to move on Lubov. You know, just once, I wish my boss would tell me, "Assemble an assault team." Just once.

Assault team assembled, Olivia and Charlie lead the attack on what turns out to be just a house in Brighton. Charlie picks the lock on the back door and he and Olivia make their way inside, with Olivia being surprised by a snapping dog in a cage. The dog has the same bright blue eyes as the foxy killer, it should be pointed out. Olivia continues into the house and finds a man in a wheelchair using a bone saw doing a dissection on an animal in a makeshift lab off the kitchen. He keeps working, oblivious to the agents' entrance, until Charlie yanks the cord for his saw out with his foot. He turns around. "Federal agents. You're under arrest," says Olivia. He doesn't look overly surprised to see them there.

Back at the federal building, Olivia lays out Dr. Nicholas Boone's bona fides, with his advanced degrees in hematology and biochemistry, and asks him why the strain of syphilis he ordered was found on a murder victim's spine, not to mention the human bite marks: "What is out there doing this? What happened to these people?" Olivia shows him the photos. He stares at them for a moment, but says nothing.

Charlie tries a different tack: "How long have you been a follower of ZFT?" he asks. Boone looks surprised, and asks Charlie what they know. "Enough to know that they're using the world as a testing ground for experiments," says Olivia. She and Charlie badger Boone into giving them information about who funds ZFT and why, saying it'll go better for him if he complies. "Someone was dosed," says Boone, eventually. The agents ask with what. "I know a lot about the things you want. And more. And I'll answer your questions. But you have to help me first," says Boone. Olivia asks what he wants help with. "They have my wife. I want you to get her back." Why do I get the feeling we already know who his wife is?

"You're telling me ZFT's coercing you to conduct these experiments by threatening to harm your wife?" says Charlie. Oli

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