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She's Only Fatal When She's Dancing
the video was taken three weeks ago: "Can you explain to me why you are in a wheelchair today?" Boone haltingly tells her that Valerie needs to feed, so he began to feed her his own spinal fluid. OK, back to up to where that makes SENSE, please. He says the more he gave her, the more she craved. "The contagion burns through her spinal fluid faster than her body can replace it. When she kills, it's simply to ... refuel," he says, and explains he tried to synthesize an antidote on his own, but he couldn't do it without a dose of the bacteria to work from. But ... he created the bacteria, right? Anyway, he laments that for the rest of his life, the wheelchair will remind him of what he's done.

Olivia wants to know why ZFT would ask him to create something like this. Shits and giggles, basically, says Boone: "To create a human nightmare. The syphilis was just a platform. A carrier for other attributes. Attributes that changed her." Olivia asks for what purpose. "For the same reason they asked me to create the skin-growth toxin: to show off," says Boone. Couldn't they have just bought a flashy car? Olivia asks who ZFT wanted to show off to. "Other scientists. You mean nothing to them," he says. Broyles asks if ZFT can now figure out how to make the stuff, if they could weaponize it. Boone's all, "You really don't know who you're dealing with!" Let's take that as a "yes," Broyles. Boone pleads for them to let him make a cure: "My offer still stands. I'll tell you everything I know when you find her." He starts listing all the stuff he needs, like a lab with a blood analyzer, a spectroscope, a centrifuge, a cow wandering around... well, not that last one. Olivia's got just the ticket.

So Walter, like a proud father, shows Boone around the lab, even as Peter asks Olivia if it's a good idea to let the other mad scientist have free reign in "Walter's believe-it-or-not emporium." Boone looks excited by all the equipment. Well, except for the centrifuge, which Boone points out is twenty years old. Twenty-five, actually, Walter corrects him: "It's an oldie, but a goodie. I also have a cow!"

So while Peter grumbles that one mad scientist is his limit, Olivia takes a call from Charlie who tells her that they found Bob Dunn's missing Audi, across town in Mission Hill, but it's been stripped of everything, including GPS, so they've got no way to track where he picked up Valerie. Meanwhile, Walter and Boone have apparently already found a cure. Something about purifying the mould, then fermenting it to the highest possible concentration. Yeah, that worked for my syphilis too. I mean, uh... (cough).

Anyhoo, Olivia gets off the phone and Peter tells her they're going to fight the super-syphilis with super-penicillin: "Syphilis was the platform. If they can kill the syphilis, they can stop the contagion," he explains.

Olivia fills him in on the recovered vehicle, as well as the stolen GPS. "Everything stolen is not necessarily lost," says Peter. "Meaning what?" asks Olivia. Meaning we're going to get another reminder of Peter's less than honest background. "If there's a car found stripped in the greater Boston area, I can guarantee you my man Mako has his big toe in it," says Peter, and Olivia thankfully translates that to "chop shop" for anyone who doesn't get it.

Over to said "chop shop," then, where Peter is vouching for Olivia and saying he'll owe him one, and Mako is a huge whale of a man with what appears to be some kind of animal claw for an earring, and he wanders over to speak in hypotheticals about how it's possible that the GPS is there but has been wiped for resale, and Olivia, after politely calling him "Mr. Mako" ("It's just Mako. You know, like Cher," explains Peter), says, "Theoretically, if the GPS is wiped then that would put you in a rough spot, because you'd be hampering a federal investigation," points out Olivia, and Mako protests that he's trying to work with them, and then finally admits that the car was stolen on Route Eighteen, Weymouth. By the water.

Back at the lab, Boone and Walter have successfully infected a lab rat with syphilis. Hopefully by injection. "Once this penicillin concentrates, we can test it on the rat," says Boone.

Then they make a little small talk, with Walter asking Boone where he studied. It was at the Curie Institute in Paris, and Kings College in Aberdeen. "It's quite a fall," he says, but Walter's having none of it: "It's an honour to have your intellect in my lab." Peter calls that high praise: "Because I know very well who you are." Walter jokes that that makes one of them then: "A little memory loss is often kind to the soul." Boone asks him if that's a figure of speech or if he actually believes in the soul. "There are days when I wish I did. There are days when I wish I didn't," says Walter. And then Boone starts whining about waking up at night, frightened, thinking there are some things man shouldn't know: "That the scientific trespasses I've committed..." he begins, and Walter finishes: "... will one day be judged." He says that he and "Belly" used to debate this. You know, William Bell? Walter, you name-dropper, you. Of course Boone's heard of the richest man alive, founder of Massive Dynamic. Walter tells him they used to share a lab. Anyway, the good news for the two of them is that if there is a soul, then there's still time for redemption. Hey, I'm a Catholic, so we get deathbed repentance. It's awesome.

Over in Weymouth, Peter and Olivia find the spot where Mako stole the car, thanks to all the shattered glass in the grass. "So we're thinking what? Boone's wife kills this guy, steals his car, and then drives it out here?" he asks. Olivia figures so, but what was she doing here? And where did she go? Peter bitches the cold a little bit, looking around. He spots something. "Olivia, I think I know why she came out here." Olivia comes over to have a look. In the underbrush by the water's edge is another body, spine exposed.

After the commercial break, Walter and Boone get ready to inject the rat with the antidote, but not before Walter asks "Aspirin" to get the camera. Astrid rolls her eyes and does it. Walter's in good spirits, and says if the antidote proves effective for the rat, it will no doubt work on humans as well. They inject the rat, and then the festivities are interrupted by Olivia and Peter chaperoning a couple of agents bringing in the latest bodies. Walter directs them where they should go, and very thoughtfully offers them a Peek Frean: "A delicious vanilla wafer with raspberry centre and lemon cream," he explains. Holy shit, that does sound good. Excuse me for a minute.

All right, I'm back, and Peter is snapping that the agents don't want a cookie. But one of them does take one, which makes Walter even more gleeful and tells Peter he's wrong.

Olivia strolls over to point out to a remorseful looking Boone that there are two more bodies to deal with, and she figures he must have some idea where his wife is getting them. "The person out there killing people is not thinking like my wife," he says.

It's Astrid who hits upon something: "This one smells like a brewery," she says. She asks Peter to turn out the lights, but Walter takes care of it, because he ordered the Clapper on television and is all too happy to turn off the lights like a shut-in. Astrid shines black light on the bodies' hands and finds matching entry stamps from a place she easily identifies as the cavern: "The industrial area is really happening in the underground club scene right now," she says. Just in case Walter's interested. Walter claps the lights back on, and the good mood is soured when they see that the poor syphilis rat has died. Boone says that he needs more time to make the cure, but if they take Valerie alive, he knows he can save her. Olivia says she'll see what she can do.

So it's over to the Cavern, where we see Valerie dancing and looking around for victims. Does she have an endless supply of outfits or is she just really good at getting bloodstains out? Olivia comes in, telling the bouncer that she's FBI, a

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