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Sorry Charlie

Some more edits later, Bell is drawing a simple design on a scrap of paper. It's three-quarters of a circle, open at the bottom, with short crosshatches across the open ends, like if the ancient Egyptians had a hieroglyphic for "headphones." He shows it to her. "It's hidden on their leader. That's how you'll know him. Show this to Nina Sharp. She can help." He says they're out of time, and rings the bell on his desk. "Olivia," he says, and she's dimly aware of Peter also calling her name, back in the present.

In the here and now, Walter calmly sends Astrid to the cabinet for a shot of nitroglycerin, and crouches over Olivia next to Peter. He figures that she's being overloaded by a flood of memories. Or maybe it's just the flatworms repeating on her.

Back in Bell's office, he advises her to stand. "I think it'll be less painful that way." Yeah, we already know how that turns out. She lets him lead her over to a spot in his office near the window, telling her to remember the Greek phrase from the season premiere, Einai kalytero anthropo apo ton patera toy." "Tell that to Peter." Easy for you to say. "You're going to need him by your side. Tell it to him. He'll know what it means."

Back in the lab, Olivia's still unresponsive, so Walter sends Peter ransacking the shelves for adrenalin. I know Peter's in a hurry, but if he doesn't quick knocking shit over Rebecca's not going to be able to find anything in there.

Bell warns Olivia, "I pulled you out of a moving car. Momentum can be deferred, but it must always be paid back, in full."

Peter preps the adrenaline shot, and Walter begins counting to three.

"As I always said to Walter," Bell tells Olivia, "Physics is a bitch."

"Three!" Walter shouts. "Sorry, Olivia," Peter breathes, and Pulp Fictions her in the chest with the adrenalin shot. He's got perfect timing, because inside Olivia's head, Bell's office window shatters, and she's sucked out of it like from an airplane at altitude, her hair blowing around madly, and then she flies through the windshield of the SUV, roughly hurled back into her own world. Before even hitting the street in her flashback, she sits up in the lab, gasping and clutching her chest. Her first words? "I need to speak to Nina Sharp!" You'd think she would have had enough of sharp things for a little while after that experience.

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