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Sorry Charlie

After the ads, she's in her Fringemobile, racing down the road and talking to Nina on speakerphone. Nina tries to blow her off, saying she's about to go to Hong Kong. I guess that's one perk of being so important. "I have a message from William Bell," Olivia declares. "Cancel the plane," Nina tells her assistant. An even better perk of being so important. I assume it's a private plane, or else there are going to be a lot of pissed off people at JFK who were expecting to go to Hong Kong that night.

The Bishops walk Rebecca across the quad, assuring her she did fine. Well yeah, it was kind of them who let her down, thanks to Olivia suddenly deciding to upstage Rebecca with an even more interesting flashback. Walter says she should be fine to drive, since he gave her some kind of antidote. He stops Peter as she walks on ahead, and quietly says he wants to drive home with her. "You just said that all the drugs were out of her system," Peter says dully. Walter just gives him a look. Belatedly, Peter gets it, and asks Walter how he'll get home. "The bus," Walter says. But will Walter be able to manage that? Are we sure he's crazy enough? Peter agrees. "Peter, I need some money," Walter whispers shyly. Peter hands over a wad (with a single on the outside, so Walter can also hit a strip club if the mood strikes him), and after having to suffer the humiliation of asking his son if he can go, trying to keep it as discreet as possible, Walter grins boyishly over to Rebecca, saying, "He said okay!" He's like a fourth-grader being allowed to sleep over at a friend's house. He gets into her passenger seat as Peter walks around to say goodbye to Rebecca. As she shakes his hand, she looks up at his face, and suddenly there's a bit of a glow around his head. He wonders why she's looking at him this way, she plays it off like it's nothing. "Probably just the drugs," she shrugs, getting in and cranking the engine. Peter's like, oh, good then by all means, please drive my father home with you.

Gnarlie shows up at the lab and finds only Astrid there. She tells him where everyone is, and even offers to call Olivia for him, like he wouldn't have her number. He sewer-voices that it's okay, and he'll wait until she gets back. He even manages something like a smile. He seems to be about to leave, but then he happens to notice the computer monitor showing the reconstituting face, which is now 60% complete (although it's still unrecognizable if you don't already know who it's going to be). He asks Astrid what it is, and she tells him about their connection to Massive Dynamic. "They're rebuilding the image from the broken device." Gnarlie looks as though he'd kind of like to break Astrid.

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