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Olivia's having another meeting with Nina, asking if she's ever seen the symbol she's just drawn for her, the one that William Bell showed her. "No," Nina lies simply, and hands it back. Olivia tells her what Bell said about it, and Nina says it must be on the leader's head, which must be the connection to the cryonics thefts. "And that's all Dr. Bell told you?" Nina asks searchingly. Olivia seems to debate whether to share more, and opts for openness. She tells him that the man William Bell mentioned would open a door between the worlds. "That a storm was coming and that the only way to stop it would be to find him before the shapeshifters did." That word "storm" gets Nina's attention, like up until now she still suspected that Olivia was making all this up. She says Bell was more worried about the eventual collision between worlds than anything else. A moment later, she's got a pair of New York City snowglobes with "Massive Dynamic" stamped on the bases. She uses them to demonstrate the "poly-exclusion principle," which means that "no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time." I think most of us learned this in middle school, but Nina illustrates what Bell thought would happen if the door between universes were ever opened -- by smashing the two snowglobes together. One is left intact, and the other is a mess that you can be damn sure isn't going to be cleaned up by Nina Sharp. That seems like an expensive demonstration, not to mention mildly dangerous. In fact, it's a good way to lose a cybernetic finger. "It's what he calls the last great storm," Nina concludes. Olivia looks down at the doodle, and has one final flashback: Bell holding up a note reading "Laston-Hennings Cryonics" while speaking the name. And yes, those words are the upside-down and backwards letters we glimpsed in an earlier flashback. Aren't you glad I didn't spoil it? Olivia looks back up at Nina and is about to share this last tidbit, just before she gets a text from Gnarlie. "NINA IS THE SHAPE-SHIFTER. DON'T TRUST HER. GETOUT NOW." Ooh, well played, Gnarlie. Olivia abruptly takes her leave, but not before Nina expansively promises to do whatever Massive Dynamic can to help. Olivia nods politely, hearing the sound of thunder outside. Must be a storm coming. Or somebody sliding an anvil down the laundry chute.

Out on the sidewalk, she exits the building to find Gnarlie waiting for her. He tells her a SWAT team is on its way. "As soon as they verify you're out of the building, they're gonna shred this place. Let's move." That would seem like overkill if we didn't know he's lying. He leads her around the corner and into a graffitied alley, as she confesses she almost told Nina everything. "I gotta call Broyles." Gnarlie asks what she means by "almost," and she says she knows where the head is: "Laston-Hennings Cryonics," she blurts. Aargh! Nice move, Agent Dumbass. She's just dialing Broyles's number, but then she gets yet another text message: "RENDER COMPLETE." The message is automatically replaced with the finished image of what Massive Dynamic is pulling off the device. And of course, a moment later, Gnarlie's face is looking up at her from her phone display. There's more thunder, and they stare at each other. I think I know which of them is more busted.

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