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Sorry Charlie

The first shot back from the ads is poor Olivia flying through the air yet again, splatting into that wall of graffiti. Despite his deteriorating condition, Gnarlie doesn't even look winded after presumably having hurled her there. She gets up and rushes him, but he takes her down again, kicking her while she's down. Then he turns away and takes out his phone. "It's me," he says into it. Which is not a helpful identifying statement at the best of times, but its meaning is particularly elastic under the present circumstances. "Laston-Hennings Cryonics," he says. Just then, Olivia kicks out from behind him, knocking his knees out from under him. The throwdown recommences. Why are two people with guns wasting all this energy in a physical altercation in the first place? As though the same question has finally occurred to her, Olivia goes for her gun, but he grabs her wrist and the bullet goes right past him. He bounces her off the pavement again, and the gun clatters out of her reach. A guy in a suit comes up the alley to intervene, and Gnarlie pulls out his own weapon and shoots him. Problem solved. But the distraction has allowed Olivia to reach her own gun at last, and she pumps a round into Gnarlie's torso. As with Kurt, he just glares at her for a while, then finally remembers he has a gun of his own. At last Olivia takes him down with a shot to the forehead, and collapses across from him. A copy of Van Gogh's self-portrait stares impassively out at her from the mass of graffiti, silently reminding her, "At least you didn't find another ear."

Rebecca and Walter arrive at her house, but when she invites him in, he declines. He's only got fourteen minutes to walk back to the bus stop. She marvels about how the day wasn't what she expected. "The best days and the worst days rarely are," he says. Which was this? Finally he gathers the courage to do what he came back with her to do: apologize. Wait, what? He starts to tell her that he was wrong to take advantage of her, back when she was young. She not only declines the apology as unnecessary, but kisses him gently on the lips. "I've wanted to do that for so long," she says, and adds that Walter made her special. You don't need Walter's 196 I.Q. to know the right answer to that, which is that she always was. "Under twelve minutes," he Rain Mans, turning to go, and smiling to himself as he leaves. He looks pretty satisfied for a guy who could have totally just gotten some and didn't.

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