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Those floaty letters from the teaser have not only gotten more specific, they've floated around to the front of the building. Now they read, "ELIAS CRYONICS, MEDFORD MA." The Fringe Three meet Broyles at what is now a crime scene, and he gives them the bullet about how the bodies were discovered this morning. Peter, always the crack investigator, says that means the robbery happened in the middle of the night. "That makes three cryogenic facilities in a week," he exposits. "Same M.O. as Chicago and New York." Peter wonders about motive, Broyles talks forensics, Olivia just lets all this happen around her for some reason (probably suppressing a powerful urge to respond to light), and Walter just wants to get on with the fun stuff. "Could I see the body that's bleeding silver?" he asks Broyles excitedly.

Kurt's right where we left him, but there are a few spots on his face where the skin is looking a bit...loose.. Walter presses down on one of the body's chest wounds, squeezing out a thick, grody mixture of red and gray. Peter hands him a collection tool and vial, probably because if he doesn't Walter's going to taste some of it, and Walter scoops a bit of the more separated silver stuff in, noticing, "It has the consistency of mercury." Olivia suddenly remembers she's in the scene, and suggests pulling files on the New York and Chicago thefts. Broyles agrees, and says they'll take over the investigations. Won't New York and Chicago be kind of pissed about that, especially when the Fringe team ends up not actually doing any investigating?

As she sees Peter walking over to her, he seems to suddenly turn into a flashback version William Bell, saying, "Ah-eevilo," which of course is what a recording of her name sounds like when played backwards (coincidence?), and then he says it the right way. In her flashback, Bell rings a bell on his desk. What an odd affectation, making your namesake a centerpiece on your work surface. I'd probably try that myself, if I could get a giant into my office. There's a flash of the intact World Trade Center, then of some scrawled letters upside-down and backwards (I could tell you what they say, but that would spoil it), and then she's back in the here and now. Maybe those flatworms are working after all, which still doesn't make sense to me unless she had them in her pocket when she crossed over. Peter hands her the collection vial, which contains what he and Walter are pretty sure is mercury. Now to make certain, all they need to do is get it back to the lab and inject it into Jeremy Piven.

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