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Sorry Charlie

Fake Charlie comes up behind Walter, who's even happier to see him than he was Olivia earlier. Although he notices that Fake Charlie looks rather like ass. "I didn't get much sleep last night," Fake Charlie claims, his voice a slow mumble. And given how awful he looks and how tired I am of typing "Fake Charlie," I'm just going to refer to him as Gnarlie from here on out. "A little cannabis before bedtime does wonders," Walter suggests in a conspiratorial tone, to the person he thinks is a federal agent. Gnarlie just manages a thin smile. Peter comes up just as Walter pulls a familiar device out of Kurt's possessions. I'd tell you what it is, but Walter's handling that for me: "This is the device the shapeshifter used," he says. Somehow, upon seeing it, Gnarlie looks even more like ass.

Curtis has driven the stolen cryonics truck out into the country somewhere, and he's parked out by a little pond, the perfect scene to unwrap all the heads and shave hair off of them. After which he's been tossing them away down the bank. If I were a person who thought these heads could ever be returned to life, I would be shocked at Curtis's callous disregard for innocent melons. As it is, I'm kind of enjoying this image of what looks like a sad beach party where someone decided to bury people up to their necks but couldn't find anybody to agree to it except about a dozen extras from the "Thriller" video. The scene doesn't exactly brighten when Gnarlie shows up. "You look like hell," Curtis observes. In a voice that's being sucked down even harder than before in terms of both speed and pitch, Gnarlie calls Curtis "sloppy." You know, what with the four people he killed, "including one of our own." Curtis blows it off, but Gnarlie insists, "The FBI, they have him. They understand what he is." Curtis observes, "You've been in this body too long. You're dying. You need to get back home and get fitted with a new conversion device." I'm sure Gnarlie already knows this, but maybe Curtis just wants to change the subject from his own screw-up. He even says he'd be willing to share his own device, but they both know it wouldn't work on Gnarlie. Gnarlie says he's already asked to be brought back, but his request has been refused until he completes his mission. "They're real sweethearts, "Curtis remarks as he finishes shaving the last head. He seems pretty disappointed not to have found the right brainbucket. "He's not here." The last head joins its fellows on the bank, and Curtis says there's another facility in North Carolina they can check out. And by "check out," I assume he means "rob." Because it's not like any cryogenics labs are going to have increased security with him at large stealing craniums left and right. Fortunately for him, Gnarlie suggests another idea: "Olivia Dunham is starting to remember her time on the other side. I'm thinking she may know where it's hidden." Meaning the head they're looking for. Gnarlie figures that William Bell might know about their search, which might be why he bought Olivia over. Curtis tells Gnarlie to make her remember, then, as if Gnarlie hasn't been working on that his whole time in this body. Curtis just walks off, leaving Gnarlie to contemplate what now looks like the most gruesome pumpkin patch on earth.

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