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"Why are shapeshifting soldiers from another universe stealing frozen heads?" Broyles asks Olivia over lunch in a diner, and over the conversion device they recovered from Kurt. Man, if I had a nickel every time my boss asked me that. Olivia's theory is, "They're looking for a specific head, but they don't know where it is." Except the FBI can't even find out who it might be, since none of the labs are willing to reveal their client lists. Olivia mentions the other device they found, which Broyles reminds us that Massive Dynamic has been working on for the past few weeks, to no avail. Olivia points out that since this one looks to be in good condition, maybe Peter can work with it. "I suppose he knows a guy?" Broyles asks. Olivia points out that "he knew enough about engineering to fake his way into MIT." In other words, there's no extra money in the acting budget for one of Peter's "guys" this week, for reasons that will become apparent. Broyles is fine with giving Peter a crack at it, but he's thinking Olivia should be placed under protection. "The last time Peter showed me one of these devices, its owner had just tried to kill you." Olivia says that was six weeks ago. "So if a shapeshifting assassin wanted me dead, then I would be." And that's the kind of confidence that separates Olivia from an ordinary agent.

Walter and Astrid are about to get started on Kurt's autopsy. Or, more precisely, a necropsy, because autopsies are done on humans and Kurt is what Walter calls a "Mechano-organic hybrid." He thinks the mercury "controls the tissue, instructing it to take and maintain shapes." Makes as much sense as anything else on this show. Suddenly Walter seems to realize something and tells Astrid he needs to talk to Olivia immediately. Not urgently enough to dial the phone his own damn self, though.

Elsewhere at Harvard, Peter and Olivia have apparently broken into an electronics lab, where Peter is working on the device. He reminisces about seeing Invasion of the Body Snatchers when he was a kid. Olivia impresses him by asking which version -- "Don Siegel or Philip Kaufman?" What, no love for Oliver Hirschbiegel? Peter's referring to "the remake" and says he stayed awake for a week, fearing that he'd be replaced by a pod person if he fell asleep. Rather than wondering what kind of modern political allegory she's playing out, then, Olivia asks if this is his way of asking if she's scared. Peter denies it. "I figure if you were scared, you'd tell me, right?" Oh, Peter. That is just adorable. Then he repeats his joke from last week that she's the one with the gun. I'll hold off from repeating my joke about who she's fired it at. Now that Peter's got an oscilloscope hooked up to the device, he can somehow tell from the screen that it's online and streaming tera-shitloads of data. Olivia's phone chirps, and it's a text from Astrid: "WALTER WANTS TO SEE YOU ASAP." In other words, his message is so urgent that he can wait to deliver it to her in person.

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