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Sorry Charlie

Olivia is led down the hallway at Massive Dynamic, looking at the leggy assistant walking in front of her, and having another red-tinted series of flashbacks -- the other hallway, the other leggy assistant, the Twin Towers. Then she sees William Bell ringing his bell, then sucking on an oxygen mask, and then she's back. This is a very long hallway.

"You found another one," Nina obviouses, holding the other device Olivia brought her. Olivia explains that Peter thinks the devices store a pattern from their last victim. Nina says that Massive Dynamic's scientists agree, adding that they've been trying to reconstruct said image from the broken device, and have also guessed that "each device is tuned to a specific user." Which would explain why Charlie couldn't have used Curtis's. And, as Nina observes, it would seem to indicate that whoever tried to kill Olivia is trapped in his or her current form (coughGnarliecough). But since the one Nina's people have been working with is broken, they haven't been able to figure what that form might be. "Well this one is intact," Olivia reminds her. "Then let's take a look, shall we?" Nina invites. Christmas morning at Massive Dynamic!

Down at the lab, a burly tech geek is like, "You understand you're asking me if I can repair a piece of technology that is entirely unlike anything that has ever existed here on Earth?" But then of course, because he's a tech on a J.J. Abrams show, he brags that it'll take him three hours at most, now that he has one that works. Is he allowed to cannibalize the new one for parts? Nina tells him to get to it, then. Olivia begins to take her leave, asking them to call her if they get it working. But since the tech was clearly smitten with her on sight, he offers her a free upgrade: "I can set up a rendering program and patch you in in real time." He'll even let her log her in to the Massive Dynamic server from her computer or cell phone. Nina clears her throat at him, so he stammers that he's referring to the public server. "If it's okay with you," he adds with an abashed look at Nina. Well, it's clearly not, but it wouldn't be so good for the helpful fa├žade Nina's been cultivating if she said no, would it?

Peter and Walter walk up to a lovely yellow house. "Rebecca always had fine taste," Walter remarks. He wonders if she'll remember him, and Peter seems pretty sure of it: "I'm gonna guess there's not too many men in her life who strapped her to a table and pumped her full of a massive amount of psychedelics." And he can say this without even having met her yet? He knocks on the front door, and watches as Walter nervously primps a bit. "Walter, you didn't--" Peter starts to ask, but lets it drop. Walter asks him to do the talking, but when Rebecca opens the door, she looks right past Peter. "Walter?" she says, taking his face in his her hands and smiling a warm hello before hugging him. Peter watches, a suspicious glint in his eye. Yes, Peter, Rebecca is played by Theresa Russell, but Black Widow was a long time ago.

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