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Sorry Charlie

Meanwhile, the Bishops are lacing Rebecca's body to the table, because Walter figures spatial disorientation can reduce the prep time. "Isn't that dangerous?" Peter asks. Walter says it's no more dangerous than "injecting her with substantial amounts of untested homemade psychoactive drugs." Well, in that case. Walter asks Astrid to pull some back-up drugs, and makes another injection. Then they flip the tabletop over, leaving Rebecca suspended face-down beneath it. Peter squats down to invite Rebecca to tell him if it gets uncomfortable. She picks this moment to recall their previous meeting, when Peter was just a baby. "But somewhere I saw...whoooooa, here we go!" Wow, those drugs work fast. Walter starts speaking hypnotically to her, calming her down from a freaked-out state. He walks her through an imaginary Harvard, then whispers to Peter, "Ring." Peter picks up a little mallet and taps the bell positioned next to the table. It's not quite the same kind of bell that William Bell has in Olivia's brief (to date) flashbacks, but its effect on her is unmistakable: she collapses like someone just switched her off. The rest of the team converges around her on the floor, but she's dead to the world. This was not the psychedelic experience they were looking for.

Somewhere inside her head, Olivia's flashing back to Bell's bell, and then zooming into the World Trade Center, and then finding herself staring out the window of one of those towers. Wow, how much did Fringe spend building that set? "Olivia," says the voice of Leonard Nimoy behind her. "After all these years." She turns as William Bell continues, "It is so nice to finally see you again." Olivia doesn't look like she shares the sentiment. Be sure to note that the camera is shooting Bell from below, allowing the bell on his desk to dominate the foreground of the shot. Two Bells for the price of one.

Back from the ads, we and Olivia are back in Bell's office, in a world suffused with gold light and lens flares, like if J.J. Abrams combined his Star Trek style of photography with that of CSI Miami. Looking genuinely embarrassed, Bell apologizes to Olivia for the "crude" method he used to bring her here, "but there were people who were trying to prevent our meeting." He says this isn't how he pictured their reunion. Olivia's like, "Dr. Bell, I've been trying to meet with you for over a year." He tells her to call him William, or "Willem," like she did when she was a girl. And when he was shooting her full of experimental drugs, presumably. "How do you like your tea?" he asks, which pretty much takes care of any assumption that he's an omniscient figure. Olivia says she wants not tea, but answers. Like, for instance, what kind of madman gives his company a name that consists of two adjectives? But a moment later, she's sipping from a china cup, with no transition other than some funky film editing. Bell chuckles that she's "still disoriented from the timeslips," and says he had the same experience when he first arrived. "You're out of sync with this side. You're lucky. Most people who cross dimensions without your natural talent are simply torn apart." Olivia shirtily says she doesn't feel so lucky. She'd rather be shredded in the space between worlds? I'm sure she could find someone who would be willing to oblige.

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