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I guess the good news is that in the time since we've left our fearless Fringe investigators, a truce has been declared with their counterparts from Earth-2. So no sending shapeshifters to power up Doomsday devices! I'm looking at you, Walternate! The bad news is that there's still plenty of ill will to go around. Olivia's handing over some boxes of files to Fauxlivia, and also dealing out plenty of attitude. "This isn't gonna work, this truce, because you're not trustworthy," she says, and Fauxlivia offers her default smirk and suggests Olivia's the problem, that she's incapable of trust. Olivia tries pointing out that Fauxlivia kidnapped her and stole her life, so pardon HER if trust isn't exactly her for-TAY, but Fauxlivia saucily says living Olivia's life made her all the more homesick for her own universe: "Must be hard to develop trust in people when all you've got is yourself." Fauxlivia's sliding over boxes of files of her own; hers are black. Like her heart. There's a little more Maury Povich-style "You don't know me!" stuff between the two of them, and then Olivia says "happy reading" adding Fauxlivia will likely find a lot of the cases familiar since she and her people were responsible, and Fauxlivia's all "ditto." They're in some sort of cavernous room with bright lights and some sort of computer monitoring thingy on the wall, and as Olivia walks away, we see just a brief flash of Peter wink in and out of view.

Do the Observers ever like to eat out in nicer places than these diners and greasy spoons they keep rendezvousing in? Some place with a little more privacy? The Observer strolls in to one, where December is already waiting, sitting at a table. Nobody in the diner says, "Holy shit, another one!" The Observer sits down and the two of them start talking about a problem December is alluding to: "It is impossible. The timeline has been rewritten. He was erased. And yet traces of him continue to bleed through," says the Observer. "California Dreamin'" is playing on the jukebox, for the record. December hands over a small metallic bar and tells the Observer that it's their responsibility to ensure events play out as they were intended before his intervention. "They can never know the boy lived to be a man," says December, and the Observer promises to take care of it.

New opening credits! By which I mean differently colored opening credits. The news ones are amber, which means I lost $20 betting on "purple" in the office Fringe season premiere pool.

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