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I've Just Seen a Face

Outside, the shots get Lee's attention, and he climbs up the side of a railcar to see into the warehouse -- it looks like Olivia's fine, which seems to fill him with much relief, so he climbs back down to keep attending to Roach, who seems to be coming around. "It took ... my gun," wheezes Roach. "It's OK," says Lee. It's not OK! Taxpayers pay for those! The FBI's not made of guns! "There's more than one," says Roach. Well, that fills Lee with a little more urgency, and he senses someone ducking behind a railcar behind him. So he draws his gun and starts tracking the guy, finally stepping from behind a railcar with his gun leveled, only to see a semi-translucent Robert Danzig there, firing a gun of his own. Fortunately for Lee, he's a better shot, and hits semi-Danzig three times. That gives Lee plenty of time to stand over the body and stare grimly at the corpse of whatever it is.

It's later now, dark, and amidst the swarm of police and EMTs, Lee asks who these things are and what they're looking for. "I think the better question is what are they," says Olivia, and then she doesn't answer that question either.

Then we get a point-of-view shot indicating someone is watching them, and it turns out to be a version of Nadine Park, the dead woman from the car accident. She's standing on the steps of one of those huge fuel storage tanks, and struggling to keep her skin from being translucent. As it becomes something more resembling normal skin (albeit skin that belongs as a "before" picture in a Proactiv commercial), she turns and walks up the stairs.

Over to FBI headquarters in Hartford, with the traditional overhead shot. Is that really Hartford? Or is Los Angeles standing in for everywhere? Anyway, Lee is going through a box of Robert's personal effects, including Danzig's FBI ID card. We see him put a few keepsakes in his travel bag when a co-worker walks up and silently hands him an envelope. That guy has no lines because then he gets paid more, right? I just can't imagine receiving an envelope at work handed over wordlessly by a colleague.

Anyway, he opens the envelope and seems to be surprised by the certificate that he finds inside, and checks the envelope again. He seems lost in thought for a moment.

Over at Walter's lab, Astrid is trying without success to piece together what some of the burned documents say, but it's too badly scorched. Walter starts rambling about how this reminds him of The Spy Who Came in From the Cold. "We used to have the book at St. Claire's. The mental hospital where I lived for sev..." he starts, and Astrid finishes "...seventeen years." Just a little on the touch of rudeness, but it seems like she did it to head off an anger-induced memory of Walter's.

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