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I've Just Seen a Face

Over in the Harvard lab, which looks more or less the same -- maybe even a little less cluttered? -- Walter is... well, he's pulling a dead pigeon in a casserole dish out of the fridge. So the lack of Peter has really been detrimental to his eating habits.

He's arguing with Astrid over the temperature and barometric pressure, because he feels like there's something different: "This whole place has felt funny for the last week," he says, suggesting again that traces of Peter have lingered. After all, if Peter had simply been completely winked out of existence, there would be no reason for Walter to feel as though things were different. Astrid, who is going through the Fringe-2 boxes, just chalks it up to Walter's grumpiness over agreeing to work with the other side, which he doesn't exactly deny: "That man cannot be trusted. I don't care what he says. I have looked into his eyes, into his soul. And who would know him better than me?" he says, while he prepares a syringe for another one of his unholy experiments. Astrid points out that Walternate has plenty of reasons to hate Walter too. That's probably without even knowing about Walter's penchant for cooking naked.

In her office, Olivia's trying to go over Danzig's file with the sound of Astrid and Walter bickering over going through the case files as background noise. They're so loud that out in the corridor, a passing Lincoln Lee hears, and starts to listen. And maybe someone can explain to me why, since Fringe seems to be a somewhat bigger deal in this Peter-less universe, they're still in a ridiculously unsecure lab in Harvard? And I know Walter is scared to venture outside the lab, but wouldn't that mean it would more likely have a, you know, LOCKED DOOR to prevent anyone, like Lincoln Lee here, from just waltzing in, while Astrid is saying something like, "Walter, we're fixing the world. What other choice do we have? Thank God that machine didn't blow everybody up. You know, it could have."

Lee walks over to where Walter is working on the dead pigeon, and Walter takes no notice of him other than to hand him the dead bird and tell him to hold it, which Lee does without complaint. Lee tries to explain he's looking for something, but Walter shushes him and injects some sort of serum into the bird, which then flies out of Lee's hands and around the lab, to Walter's delight. Astrid is also thrilled when she comes back with another box of files. "You brought it back to life!" she says, and Walter tells her that it's actually still quite dead. Oh, of COURSE. Lee's all, "Who ARE you people?" just as Olivia's coming in, not at all happy to see him. And then the bird does plummet to the floor, completely lifeless again. "There's still a few kinks to work out," Walter mutters.

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