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I've Just Seen a Face

Olivia goes over the traffic camera photos Lee's brought with him, which is how he tracked her back here, and she lectures him on how he and whoever helped him do this without a warrant is in a lot of trouble, and he rolls his eyes and refuses to leave without some answers, such as what division she's in, what they're dealing with, and whether Fringe can take care of the ticket he got for parking in a student lot without a permit. Olivia has opted for the always-mature silent treatment, and eventually just says she'll just give his department head a call, and he's all, "Oh great! We get cellphone reception down here!" and threatens to call his friend at the New York Times to tell him that there's an FBI division operating out of Harvard with a man who can make dead birds fly. You, uh, might want to work on your story pitch a little bit, Lee. Don't forget: the Times is the good one.

Anyway, Astrid comes to Olivia with another phone with Broyles on the line, and Walter helpfully tells Lee, "If you really want a story, you should look under the dome. I'm growing an ear." Never hurts to have a spare, I suppose. It's hard to see the dome at first, obscured as it is by the huge on-screen graphic of plants that exhorts everyone to check out Terra Nova, and the recap equivalent of that plug is me saying I will also be covering that one for TWoP so I hope it's either really good like Fringe or terrible enough to mock mercilessly whilst still being good enough to stay on the air.

Broyles called to tell everyone there's another body, so the team (well, Olivia and Astrid) saddles up, with Lee saying he's coming along: "I was at the first crime scene. Maybe I saw something that I haven't told you yet. Maybe that's why I came here," he says. Olivia just stares at him and then says fine: "You can get fired later." Astrid grabs her headset from Walter -- he fixed the squelching, he says -- and they're off.

They arrive at the scene of an accident, with the front end of a car wrapped around a pole. One female, about 30 years old, says the dour agent who greets Olivia, and says the only witnesses were some kids in the street, indicating said kids giving statements to police. He says no one saw what happened after the crash, but they should have some background on her by now. Olivia checks out the purple translucent face of the dead woman in the car, and then Astrid steps in -- she has some difficulty getting a hold of Walter, at first, because he's got "Rockin' Robin" blasting on the stereo and he's making microwave popcorn, and then he settles in to watch on television the images Astrid is relaying back, including a stocky FBI agent. "Don't let that hamfist touch her!" he orders Astrid, who diplomatically tells the agent that she'd like to do a preliminary. Walter's remote examination: "Burn mark like the other victims. Pupils are dilated. That looks like a hematoma on the right clavicle," he says, with Astrid adding there's one on the right jaw. "Rigidity indicates premature rigor mortis. I need to check her anus. Have that large lady there help you lift her," says Walter. Astrid slowly straightens up and hesitatingly tells the agent that she needs to check her anus. I'd just like to point out that the impending anal examination has not prompted Walter to slack off one bit from shoveling popcorn into his mouth. And I wonder if Peter's vanishing act means Astrid's paycheck is a little heavier?

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