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What Guy's Beneath

Later, the yard is swarming with deputies, fishing bear traps and shit out of the ground. Looks like Hughes was trying to catch Billy all along. We catch up with Olivia, back in Boston and riding along in the car with Fake Charlie at night, and telling him as much. "Could you imagine living with a burden like that?" she asks him. "When all you wanted was a son?" He doesn't answer, but I'd just like to point out that my wife and I adopted, and we have a beautiful boy who sleeps in an IKEA bunk bed rather than a gene-spliced nightmare who lives underground and won't quit eating the neighbors. I'm just saying. The beastie-of-the-week thus dispensed with, Olivia returns to the general arc: "Charlie, what if I don't want to remember?" she asks him. "All of it. Where I went, who I met with, what he told me? What if there's a part of my brain that's trying to protect me?" Speaking like her friend, Fake Charlie doesn't think she has a choice. "If Walter was correct about you going to that other universe, whatever secrets you learned might be worth remembering." Olivia laughs at him for saying that with a straight face. "Whatever it is, we'll deal with it together," Fake Charlie offers. "I'll help you remember." Olivia looks content with that for now. But that's only because she doesn't know how he's going to help her remember.

"Are you going fishing, son?" Walter asks Peter at the lab. Well, since Peter is carrying a couple of rods and a tackle box, that's kind of a "here's your sign" question, isn't it? But instead of a wise-ass comment that for once would be fully justified, Peter answers with a story: "Once upon a time, there was a young man, probably around ten or eleven, who got it in his head that he wanted to take his father fishing. So he saved up all the money from his paper route, and bought a very special lure." He holds it up, the twin of the one from Sheriff Golightly's office. Hey, given what happened to the sheriff, maybe now each of the Bishops could have one of his own. Walter takes the lure and examines it wonderingly, as Astrid looks up from her work to take in what's about to be a Kodak moment (as opposed to a Polaroid moment, which tends to feature flying frogs). "Sadly," Peter continues, "his father was never really all that available to him, so what started out as a would-be bonding experience ended up with a young man fishing alone in a boat." Walter figures out what the story has to do with the situation at hand: "And this young man gave this to you?" Peter chuckles and looks over at Astrid, who returns to her work, and indulgently says, "Yes, Walter." Walter asks Peter, "Can I come? With you and your friend?" Peter says, "You know what, Walter?" I think that would make the trip." Walter smiles happily and hands back the lure. And now Peter will have to spend the entire fishing trip listening to Walter speculate on how Peter's "friend" disappeared into another universe. But I guess this is Peter's way of saying, "Even though you weren't there for me, thanks for not turning me into an unholy abomination of man and beast unfit for existence in the light of day." Because they don't make greeting cards for that.

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