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What Guy's Beneath

Peter returns to Olivia, who has had some sort of breakthrough. Seems the guy with the flannel shirts, a fellow named Andre Hughes, was seen at the homes of two of the disappeared people when Sheriff Golightly went to interview their families shortly after they vanished. "What are you thinking?" Peter wonders. "I'm thinking you drive," she says, already on her feet. Under normal circumstances, one might expect Peter to object to another five-hour drive on such a tenuous lead, but I'm sure he's hoping to be in Framingham by the time Walter comes asking for help getting his thing out of his pants.

Back in Lansdale, another train is going by. Under Lansdale, a man in work boots tramps through the tunnels with an electric lantern, until he finds the body of Raymond the construction worker. "Aw, hell," a deep and quite human voice says, planting the point of a shovel in the tunnel floor. Do you really have to bury someone who's already underground? While we ponder this imponderable, the camera tilts up, all the way through the crust of the earth the surface, into which is planted a mailbox marked "HUGHES." A mailbox which the Fringemobile is just now rolling past on the long dirt driveway up to the house, which looks a lot like the one in the X-Files episode "Home." Which I'm sure is a total coincidence.

Peter and Olivia mount the steps to the front porch, and probably wonder to themselves if Mr. Hughes's nickname isn't "Digger," what with the shovels and the muddy footprints everywhere. Peter peers through the front curtains, Olivia knocks on the door, and a shovel point thuds against the bottom step. "Aw, hell," says a newly familiar voice, and its owner, played by a very scraggly and muddy John Savage, asks who they are. Olivia identifies herself and Peter, smiling unthreateningly as she asks to talk to Hughes. Kicking off his conspicuously filthy boots, Hughes invites them in, all helpful. As he ushers them through the front door, he goes on about what he claims is his nightmare existence of maintaining water wells. That must be why he's all dirty, which certainly rules out the possibility that he's been rooting around underground in a town where seven people have recently vanished. He's certainly spending a lot of time complaining about it, although it doesn't really get much more convincing the more he talks about it. As he goes to wash up, Olivia asks him, "Is there someone else in this house?" "No," Hughes lies simply before stepping out of view. "There's someone else in this house," Olivia quietly insists to Peter, and tells him to keep their host busy while she goes for a snoop.

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