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What Guy's Beneath

She heads upstairs, as stealthily as a person still using a cane can be. She swings open a bedroom door, gun leveled, but there's no one inside. There is a home laboratory, with a workbench full of a equipment and a periodic table on the wall, which is admittedly odd, but there are no underground beasties. You hardly ever find those on the second floor anyway. There is one sign of life, however: Olivia's new super-hearing appears to have kicked in again, and she seems to detect a rapid heartbeat coming from behind the closet door. Setting her cane aside so she can steady her gun with both hands (like that's going to be any help if she topples over), she orders, "Come out of there." No one does, so she opens the door herself. Nothing but a shallow closet with shelves of more vials. No room for anyone to hide even if they wanted to. Suddenly there's a noise from the open doorway, and Olivia turns and squeezes off a shot without even looking. That is so not procedure. Peter ducks as the bullet lodges in the wallpaper directly behind his head. Olivia frantically apologizes, saying she thought she heard something. Peter looks furiously unimpressed, but he doesn't say anything. He's either thinking You almost killed me! or You are the worst shot in the world!

"You fired a gun in my house. Now you're bringing me down here," Hughes complains to Olivia in an interrogation room as she lays out photos of the disappeared people on the table between them. "I don't understand." He asks if he's a suspect, and Olivia plays it off as "gathering information." Dude, that must have been a long, awkward ride back to Boston. She has since learned that he's a doctor, although he retired almost 20 years ago. As the interview continues, Broyles joins Peter in the adjoining observation room. Peter exposits that although they "scoured the house," they found nothing but some old lab equipment, which they packed up and shipped to Walter's lab for him to look over. Do they have probable cause for that? Back in the interrogation room, Olivia is asking Hughes why he visited with the families of the victims. "I thought I could help them," Hughes explains. "I lost my wife and my son 17 years ago. She died giving birth to him. He was mine. For five minutes I had a son." And for the rest of the episode, we have a suspect. Not that anyone in my TV seems to make the connection yet. "I could never hurt these people," Hughes insists, looking at the photos laid out before him. Olivia asks Hughes for permission to take a blood sample. He asks if he's under arrest, and since he isn't, she doesn't. But in the observation room, Broyles tells Peter they'll get a warrant for that. So Andre Hughes, having done nothing as far as the FBI knows besides but visit a couple of victims' families and practice some rarefied hobbies, is now being subjected to detention, search and seizure of his property, and forced withdrawal of his bodily fluids. Is Olivia claiming that she shot his wall in self-defense or something? Speaking of that, Broyles mentions to Peter, "It says in her report Dunham's gun went off?" Peter plays it off as a "misfire," unshaken by Broyles's skeptical glare. I guess anyone brave enough to cover for Olivia so she can continue accidentally shooting at him would also be brave enough to not pee his pants under that cadaverous gaze. "We'll send Agent Jessup to the Hughes house," Broyles finally says on his way out. Gosh, if only the FBI had a field office in Philadelphia.

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