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Animal Kingdom

Back at the Harvard lab, Walter is tearing into the presents that he'd wrapped up for Peter. In addition to the beer and the ever-present Hump magazine, we can see a skateboard (shit, I'm in my 30s and I still feel sometimes like getting on a board), and then he unwraps one of those things that's a magnetized wheel on a track? I had one of those. They're one of those toys that were invented before kids had videogames. Play with it for twenty seconds and it's, "OK. Now what? What do you mean, 'this is all it does'?"

Then Peter comes in, sees the thing and is thrilled and he starts playing with it. And while the Bishop boys play with their toys, Astrid and Olivia realize there is still WORK to be done, and Olivia tells Astrid that the woman's at the hospital and she'll be fine; the bullet didn't cause any permanent damage, and they're treating the virus with Walter's cure that he apparently came up with at some point off screen.

The bad news, Peter tells everyone, is that she has no idea who created the serum; Bowman was the one who obtained it for them. So there are lots more questions, like if David Robert Jones is behind this, what's he up to?

Walter floats the possibility that creating a flying human-porcupine hybrid was the end goal. Olivia wants to know where he is recruiting these people from, are there more out there, and SERIOUSLY WHO WOULD SIGN UP TO DO THIS, WHAT THE HELL. "'And mankind gains dominion over all he surveys,'" says Walter, launching into a ramble about humanity evolving from slugs in the ocean -- depending on who you talk to, he says -- and that it's either a miracle or an accident, and maybe Jones is trying to take control of the situation.

That's when Broyles comes in, Lt. Buzzkill himself, glowering at everyone and asking for a word with Olivia. The two of them go outside the office to talk, with Olivia babbling away about how she's sorry for disobeying her orders, and how she shouldn't have gotten involved because if she hadn't, then Lincoln wouldn't have been hurt, etc. "Are you done?" says Broyles when Olivia finally stops talking for two damn seconds. Obviously he's worked things out so that she can continue working because even sixty percent of the Olivia he knows is still better than ninety per cent of the agents he's ever worked with, which... kinda makes me sad for the FBI, actually. "And a Fringe Division with an Olivia Dunham is better than a Fringe Division without her," he adds, and done blowing smoke up her ass for the episode, he leaves, and Olivia allows herself a small smile as she goes back into the office.

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