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Olivia looks less than comfortable discussing it, but the way she sees it, Jones is still out there... and instead of pursuing him, she's had to take every psych evaluation out there, as well as CAT scans, MRIs, etc. "My sitting here now, trying to convince an FBI shrink -- no offense -- that I am fit to return to active duty is pointless," she says. When said shrink points out, not unreasonably, that what's happened to her is a little weird, Olivia's reaction is essentially, "Bitch, please. I work in Fringe Division."

The psychiatrist asks if Olivia told her sister, and Olivia says no. They're close, but they don't talk that often, what with Olivia having a life and a job and all that. Plus Rachel moved back to Chicago with Ella so Ella could be closer to Rachel's ex. "Who, in my opinion, is a liar and a bastard," says Olivia. Man, I'd really love to see Olivia's Facebook status updates. The shrink puts on her glasses, so you know thinks are about to get really serious.

Broyles' office. Olivia comes in and he invites her to sit down. She doesn't though, because she can tell from his demeanor what Broyles is about to tell her. "They said no," she guesses. Broyles says the truth is that they don't actually know what to say: "Nothing like this has ever happened before. The Bureau has protocols for dealing with mental trauma, depression, post-traumatic stress, amnesia," he says, and an irritated Olivia says she doesn't have mental trauma. Yeah, that's the POINT, Olivia. The Bureau HAS A PROTOCOL FOR THAT. NOT THIS. But she's off on a rant about how it doesn't matter if she can't remember every detail of every case she's ever investigated. She's in high dudgeon when Broyles interrupts to tell her that her sister is still married.

Olivia stares at him, and he elaborates: "Rachel is still married. She and her husband have two children, Ella and a younger brother, Eddie."

Dr. Anderson's already sent over her report, Broyles tells Olivia, and he says that 40 percent of all the information she provided about her life is incorrect. (I'm a little curious about how they'd quantify that, actually.) "Which, as far as the tenth floor is concerned, means you are not the agent they licensed."

Olivia, floored, sits down. "Our grandfather's name was Eddie," she says, almost absent-mindedly, if you'll excuse the expression.

She arrives home, where Peter calls out, "Is that you?" -- which really any person can truthfully answer "yes" to -- and he asks what took her so long and jokes that he was about to send out a search party, which for Peter involves dogs and men in trench coats, and thank god Olivia finally steps to where he can see her face and realize now's not a good time for his alleged charm.

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