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"That good, huh?" he says. Olivia says they don't want her even consulting on cases. Peter cheerfully says that's surely only temporary, which Olivia seems to confirm by telling him Broyles suggested she think of it as an overdue vacation. All things considered, she actually seems to be taking it pretty well, mainly because she's got Peter's love again? Ugh, I know, that's ridiculous. Peter says Vermont's beautiful this time of year, like it's possible to come up with a time of year when Vermont isn't beautiful. "I know you don't like skiing, but as long as we got a rug and a fireplace, I think we'll be fine," says Peter.

Fortunately, his phone rings, so we don't have to hear any more about how he wants to rub his body all over Olivia's. "You should answer that. I think the '70s are calling," says Olivia. Score one for Dunham!

We don't hear the other end of the phone call, just Peter's surprise at being called. After he gets off, Olivia guesses it was Lincoln. It was. "Well, one of us is still on the team," she says. Peter starts to try to comfort her or something, and she tells him to go, that she'll be fine. "I'll be back as soon as I can," he says. Yeah, maybe it'll be one of those twenty-minute Fringe cases! He leaves, and Olivia sits forlornly at the table. Come on, Olivia! Do you even have a television?

At Harvard, Lincoln's telling Astrid -- who looks different somehow this week. Severely plucked eyebrows or something? -- to see if she can get access to the surveillance footage. Peter strolls up and Lincoln asks how Olivia's doing. She's frustrated, but OK, Peter says. Lincoln's all, NBD, but Broyles asked me to take lead until she's back. "I hope that you're OK with that," says Lincoln. Even if you're not, Peter!

As for what happened, they're not sure yet but details are still coming in: there was an incident on a Vertus Air flight from Paris to New York. Peter, recognizing it, asks if it was Flight 718, and Lincoln says it was. Peter figures that if this is like the timeline he's from, then it stands to reason that some of the exact same cases would take place. Except wouldn't it have already happened here too? Never mind, not important.

This is interrupted by Walter happily carrying in a box of dusty birthday presents for Peter. It's not his birthday now mind you, but Walter bought a present for Peter every year on his birthday after to help deal with the loss. Hmm. That sounds either extremely helpful or not at all helpful. I guess it depends on the person.

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