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And it's not like she's STOPPED working the case now; Astrid comes up to say she ran the name that Olivia gave her: Conrad Etienne Moreau. "You're right, he was a scientist. But he died five years ago in a car crash." Olivia's stunned, and Peter says it doesn't make any sense, because on the case he worked, Moreau was the one trying to broker the deal for the mutating virus.

Lee points out that not all the details the two of them remember from the other timeline are tracking here, and Olivia wonders who's behind it if Moreau isn't.

Walter's got an idea: the Sumerians! Well, not really, but it turns out that Bowman's tattoo is cuneiform. He's not sure what the symbol means, but he thinks it's Sumerian, and then he goes off on a digression about how his favorite ancient language is actually Yiddish, taught to him by Bell's father, and blah blah blah.

Peter says he and Olivia know someone who might be able to interpret the tattoo: "An old friend, though he may take some convincing 'cause I'm pretty sure he has no idea who we are."

Lee -- still holding his own surgical thread -- sounds intrigued, but Walter won't let him go because he still needs to be stitched up. Rather than telling Walter to hurry up with the damn stitches, Lincoln just gives Olivia the go-ahead. It's a good thing he's learned his lesson!

And it's off to Eddie Markham's bookstore, and Peter's right: Ed doesn't appear to recognize them at all. Peter doesn't bother trying to tell him about alternate timelines or anything, he just asks on Olivia's behalf for a book called Lake of the Long Sun by Gene Wolfe -- does Ed know him? "Are you kidding me? I worship him. And a girl as beautiful as you who likes sci-fi is a girl after my own heart," says Ed, who introduces himself. Olivia does likewise but also announces she's taken, like maybe he was just being nice, Olivia. Conceited. Markham says all the best ones are. However! He's got the entire Solar Cycle, and asks if she wants it signed or unsigned.

While Markham searches through the stacks, Olivia and Peter have a loud, meant-to-be-overheard discussion over whether Markham could help them with the other thing before pretending to decide it would be too obscure for him.

He jumps at the bait and Olivia says they're trying to decipher a cuneiform symbol, and Markham's all, "Sumerian, Hittite or Arkadian?" and Olivia's all "very impressive" and Markham tries hitting on her again, just as futilely. But she shows him the symbol, and he's somewhat surprised: "Are you one of them?" he asks. Buddy, even if she were, she likely wouldn't remember.

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