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Animal Kingdom

Back at the lab, Lincoln has been stitched up and he grabs his jacket and is headed out the door when he's stopped by Walter, who speaks Yiddish, admonishing him essentially for leaving the table without asking to be excused. And that's just rude, because Walter has made peanut butter and bacon sandwiches!

Lincoln manages to turn down what sounds like a perfectly disgusting offer, but the other problem is, as Walter hesitatingly explains, Lincoln may be infected. Lincoln immediately starts to lose his mind, clutching his shoulder, as Walter explains that if it was a virus that killed the beast-man, then it stands to reason there's a possibility Lincoln got infected when he was scratched.

Lincoln, stammering, wants Walter to do something about it and Walter, laughing like this is self-evident, says, "I can't cure the intermediate stage!" They have to wait until the virus matures and then Walter is eighty percent sure he can counteract it. Lincoln wants to know what happens if he's part of the twenty percent. Well, then there will be a hundred percent whining around the lab, for one thing.

Meanwhile, Markham has found an explanation for the Sumerian tattoo: It means "renewal" or "rebirth" and it's the symbol of a whack job cult that's obsessed with guided evolution of man. "They want to create a new species, a better species. Mutation by design," he says. Peter looks at Olivia in alarm. Yes, apparently the symbol on mutated porcupine man's arm is related to a group that's interested in mutations!

Elsewhere, a woman arrives home doing that thing that people on television do where they walk through a huge dark home and turn on one tiny little lamp while looking at the mail, all the better to let the creature skulking about the shadows to continue to remain unseen.

But then she senses the movement, glimpses something ducking around a corner and nervously approaches. When she finally sees the beast, she gasps -- more out of surprise than fear, it turns out. "Oh, baby, you're hurting," she says, and turns out the one light that's on.

She walks up to Porcupine Man, and gently strokes him, then leans in for an embrace. Then she injects him with something, saying it should be the last one. The beast groans. "Just think how special you're going to be," she says. "How special we're both going to be. Like Adam and Eve." The beast blinks, like, "We're going to have to repopulate the Earth? I didn't say anything about having kids."

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