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Whatever People Say She Is, That's What She's Not

Henry pulls up at the opera house, where there is a crowd of protesters waving signs that read things like "Save the Ambered" and "Amber = Murder," and Olivia gets out of the cab and says if she's not back in 15 minutes, he can leave. Henry's all, "The opera house? That's where your home is?" and Olivia "explains" that that's how she got here, so that's how she's going to get back.

Henry asks her what's to stop him from just leaving now, so she rattles off his name (middle name: Arliss) and information, including that his inoculations are up to date except for his typhus, which is 17 days overdue. Amazing that all that stuff is PRINTED on his Show Me, isn't it? I mean, isn't that the point of the microchip?

So Olivia strolls up to the opera house, even though there are tons of police officers on the scene keeping protesters back, and finally a cop comes out of the building to stop her, before recognizing her as being from Fringe division, even though he wasn't aware Fringe was overseeing it. Olivia quickly covers and says it's OK, and she should have IDed herself. So then he starts chatting her up, wondering if it's true what they say about people disappearing into thin air in this place. Olivia just stares at him, which he agreeably takes to mean that she can't talk about classified information.

Then she tries to walk past him, and he won't let her, and she doesn't understand what he's getting at, because she doesn't know what "the protocol's already in effect" means, but she will now, because gas starts pouring out of the doors, and then it hardens and turns into amber shiny enough for Olivia to see her pained reflection in it.

Back at Fringe Division, the team is updated by Agent Robo-Farnsworth about the possible scenarios for Olivia. The percentages add up to 100, which seems to preclude the possibility that Olivia might, say, try to contact someone she knows (twenty-one percent) AND return to the theatre where her trauma occurred (twenty-nine percent). Anyway, Charlie and Lee both say, "Someone check the borders?" at the exact same time, but then neither of them say "Jinx!" so I wonder how people owe each other Cokes in this universe. Lee says Olivia is "good at disguises." Yeah, she, um, dyes her hair. She's a fucking chameleon.

Then a Fringe agent comes over to tell them that Dunham just left the Orpheum Theatre quarantine in a city taxi, and Broyles orders the team to "get a line on the tracker in that cab and find it."

In said taxi, Henry wants to know what Olivia wants to do now, but she doesn't really know so she wants him to just keep driving. His phone rings, and he tells Olivia it's his wife. "Don't do anything foolish, Henry," she tells him.

So Henry talks to his wife, sounding like he's answering questions. "Yeah, yeah, I know. I never put it in there. It was in Laura's old room," he says. Olivia glances at the photo again. There you go. Dead daughter. Anyway, Henry gets off the phone call by telling his wife he has a fare, and he says he loves her.

After he gets off the call, Olivia asks what her name is. "Jasmine. Unless I'm in the doghouse, then she's 'honey.' So most of the time, it's 'honey.'" Olivia chuckles at Henny Youngman here, and he asks her if she's "got someone," and she says "sort of," which he says is a "funny name," like maybe he wants to know if he KNOWS the guy or something. "His name is Peter. He's sort of the reason I'm here," she says.

Anyway, something occurs to Olivia, and she gives Henry an address to go to: "It's a company called Massive Dynamic," she tells him. He's never heard of it. "They make technology that could get me home. If I'm right, there's a lady who works there who may be able to help me," she says. Yeah, there's more than one of everything, except when there's not, Olivia. She doesn't seem to twig to the fact that this current-affairs-watching cab driver hasn't even heard of a company that's bigger than Microsoft, even if only as a taxi destination. Anyway, Henry says if they're going to Chelsea, they need some gas.

At the gas station, Henry gets the gas while Olivia takes the keys out of the cab and warns him: "Remember." Henry says, "Yeah, I know, I know. You got my number. Jedi mind trick." Thank god they have Star Wars in this universe.

Olivia strolls around to the bathroom. Inside, she checks out the tattoo on the back of her neck, stares at herself in the mirror for a moment, then heads into the bathroom stall, and presently we hear the sound of her sobbing. That could just be because the bathroom looks nasty. As Liz Lemon might say: It OK, Olivia! Don't be cry!

Back at the cab, Henry takes the picture of his wife and kid out of the car and puts it on the hood and stares at it. It's entirely possible he's praying.

And Olivia comes out of the washroom and is greeted by Lincoln Lee: "Thank god we found you." Olivia doesn't appear to share the sentiment; she just stares at him until he makes a joke that he knows he's not quite his handsome self, but a hello would be nice.

No hello is forthcoming, so he starts talking about how he knows about the shootout at the theatre and he knows what she's going through because he's going through it himself, and Olivia doesn't want him to come any closer but he just keeps advancing so Olivia finally pulls a gun on him. She makes him put his gun on the ground and kick it over to her. "What do you think I'm gonna do?" he asks, and Olivia says she doesn't know because she doesn't know him. "Whatever they told you, I am not who you think I am," she says. At the very least, she thinks you're going to get your gross once-was-skin all over her.

He kicks over the gun and she pockets it instead of double-fisting her firearms which would be more bad-ass. He tells her to think about what she's doing, that she can't just keep running. "Can't keep runnin' awaaaay..." favorite hip-hop song by the Pharcyde! Check it out!

Anyway, Olivia orders Lee into the bathroom, and she jams a wooden pallet under the doorknob to keep him in there. She hustles back to the car, just as a black van pulls up with a couple more Fringe agents hopping out. Olivia wastes only two bullets as she puts them both down while she calmly strides to the taxi, yelling for Henry to get in. They peel out of there, but not before alt-Charlie yells for Olivia to stop. She aims out the window at him, but at the last second aims to the right, at some sort of valve on the top of a fuel tank directly behind him. It explodes in a MacGruber-worthy fireball, sending alt-Charlie flying, but alive, as Henry and Olivia make themselves scarce.

A freaked-out Henry yells that Olivia's a hell of a shot. "No, actually, I'm not," says Olivia. Well, she kind of is, but that was bananas, even for her. After a moment, Henry reaches under his dashboard and rips some little device out and throws it out the window. "They won't be able to find us now," he says. "Thank you," she says. I love the fact that Olivia stone-cold dropping two agents and making a fuel tank blow up is enough for Henry to accept everything she's said. Of course, he just might not want the gun turned on him.

Anyway, back in Walternate's office, Col. Broyles is explaining the stationary blinking light on the desktop computer map by saying that Olivia must have removed the cab's tracker. "We've tapped into the surveillance cams, but we haven't picked anything up yet," he says.

Walternate asks him if he's seen the incident footage. He has, but they're watching it again, and we hear the gas tank blow up. "You know what I'm thinking?" says Walternate. Alt-Broyles says, "That there's only one person at Fringe Division who could make a shot like that." You know, say what you will about Walternate, at least he's able to concentrate. If this were the real Walter, he'd probably be thinking that he wants a watermelon slushie or considering the reproductive habits of hummingbirds or some goddamn thing. "It's working," says Walternate, allowing himself a half-smile.

Meanwhile, Henry has pulled up next to a

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