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Whatever People Say She Is, That's What She's Not
park, confusing Olivia. "This is it. Eighteenth Street, 10th Avenue, that's where you said," says Henry. Olivia realizes that Massive Dynamic is not here and has never been built, but Henry thinks maybe she got the cross-streets wrong.

Olivia gets out to look at what is here: the Martin Luther King Eldridge Cleaver Memorial Park. "We Have a Dream," proclaims the dedication sign. Somebody rides a pennyfarthing by on the bike path, for god's sake, but I'm not willing to assume that those are still popular. I'd rather just assume it's being ridden by one of those painfully, studiously and deliberately nonconformist people we all know. "I'm stuck here," moans Olivia. Look, it's probably not all hipster douchebags, Olivia. A large shadow crosses the field, over Olivia, and she looks up at the zeppelin flying overhead. Henry comes up to ask if she's OK, and Olivia's got an address for him: 302 Shadowgrove Circle, in Tarrytown. "It's a ... it's a safe house. Walter must have told me about it. I don't know why I forgot," says Olivia.

Looking slightly perturbed, Henry tells her that Tarrytown's 40 minutes away. Better get moving, says Olivia. Hey, Olivia: ass, gas or grass, babe. Nobody rides for free.

Then we have alt-Charlie visiting Fauxlivia's boyfriend, Frank, in a blink-and-you-missed-it scene that really only serves to remind us who Frank is, so when we go right back to the cab, we know who Olivia's talking about when Henry says the guy she came here for obviously means a lot to her, and Olivia says, "Frank? Yeah."

"Thought you said his name was Peter," says Henry, and Olivia says, "Yeah, Peter," and she's starting to look doubtful. Henry tells her she doesn't look too good, and Olivia ignores this to ask how long until they get there. Not long, is the answer.

Over at Frank's place, Frank is whinging to alt-Charlie that he doesn't know what's wrong with Olivia and no one will give him a straight answer. Alt-Charlie says they'll get her better, but they've got to find her first. He asks if Frank can think of something they might have missed, someone else who might have helped her, or someplace she might have gone. "Marilyn is back in town," says Frank, and alt-Charlie is surprised, since he thought she was in France. "She came home when she heard what happened."

You know, since Marilyn is Olivia's mom, you'd think it might have occurred to the idiots at this universe's Fringe division to check out the house even if her mother's in France. Jesus, maybe especially if her mother's in France!

Anyway, Henry and Olivia pull up at the house in Tarrytown, and Henry wryly notes that the last time he ran a fare out that far, the meter read about 300 bucks. "Guess I'll just put it on your tab," he jokes, and Olivia smiles and gets out. Henry offers to stay, but Olivia tells him to go home to his family. "I'm not crazy, you know. But to prove that to you, I'd have to tell you some things that were even crazier," she says, as though telling more outlandish tales of Fringe would convince Henry of the alternate-universe thing.

And fortunately Olivia hijacked the taxi driver with hard-won life's wisdom, which means he can now give a little speech about how he was in a bad way a few years ago, and the only person who believed he was the good person inside was Jasmine. "She saw the man I knew I was. But she was the only one. I mean, sometimes you just got to believe what you can't see," he says, voice quavering just a little. Olivia thanks him for his chicken soup for the soul, gets out of the cab, and walks up the front path while Henry pulls away. She rings the doorbell and there's no answer, and then a little lite shenanigans music starts playing as Olivia walks around the side of the house, furtively looking around. The side door is locked as well, but there's a nearby window open a crack. Olivia opens it all the way and steps in.

Inside the pleasant residential home, we hear some old-timey crooner music coming from somewhere, but for all we know that's what the kids of this universe are into. Olivia is all "Perry Como?" (or whatever, she didn't actually say it) and pulls her gun. Going around a corner into the other room, she discovers that the light thumping she's hearing is the sound of a sleepy dog's tail whapping the floor as he looks up at her from a doorway across the room. She comes farther into the living room, and looks at the array of pictures on the mantle, including one of her (well, Fauxlivia) with an older woman. Behind her, she hears, "Olive?" She turns around. It's the older woman from the photograph. "Mom?" says Olivia. Now -- hold that pose through the commercial break!

Marilyn comes across the room to hug a distraught Olivia, who hugs back, at least at first. Marilyn says she was told about Olivia's breakdown but wasn't allowed to see her. Olivia, barely holding it together, says her mother died when she was 14 years old: "This is all wrong. You're not supposed to be here!"

"Sweetheart!" says Marilyn, concerned, and Olivia starts to flip out, because she is not this woman's daughter, this is not her home, this was supposed to be her way home. She starts yelling about how her home is in Jacksonville and she's never been here before, and her mom, a little anger mixing it with the worry, snaps, "If you've never been here, how did you know to come here?" Hee. Any second now she's going to refer to Olivia by her full name and order her to march her butt upstairs to her room.

Anyway, Olivia doesn't have any response to that, and she glances around. "I helped you paint, didn't I?" Her mom, relieved, says yes, that she wanted blue but Olivia picked the colour: "Yellow, because it was more cheerful," says Olivia. They hug again, and Marilyn says, "Sweetheart, this is your home. This is your safe house," which is kind of an odd term for a mom to use, unless her last name is Gambino or Gotti or something.

They hug for about eleven hours, and eventually alt-Charlie comes knocking on the door and asks Marilyn if she's heard from Olivia. "She's here," says Marilyn. Charlie's surprised. Going home early tonight, Charlie! Marilyn invites him in, and Olivia's sitting on the sofa in the living room, looking out the window. She looks at Charlie and smiles, a little unsurely. "Hey," she says. Count me in the camp who thinks that, although Fauxlivia's memories are clearly bleeding into Olivia's own, she knows what's going on and is playing along.

Anyway, back in Walternate's office, the secretary is praising Brandon, who seems none the worse for wear save for a bandage on his hand, for the treatments, which just appear to have needed a little bit more time than Brandon'd assumed. But Brandon says it was the adrenalin from her escape that triggered the memory B-lymphocytes. "It carried them across the blood-brain barrier and successfully transferred the memories, which means for all intents and purposes, she is our Olivia now." Sounds kind of like when you get a new computer and use a Firewire to transfer all your old files, only much easier.

While he explains this, we watch Olivia looking around from the passenger seat of alt-Charlie's car as he says goodbye to Marilyn. Can't definitively say that she knows what she's doing. Anyway, they drive off, and nearby we see 'Enry 'Iggins in his cab, watching them leave. He puts the car in drive and starts moving, but turns left instead of following them.

In the car, Olivia thanks Charlie for being her friend, and he thanks her for not shooting him, and frankly my own co-workers don't thank me enough for not shooting them.

Col. Broyles and Walternate chat on alt-Skype with Walternate telling Broyles to give Olivia the weekend off, and then after that she should be fine to go to work. Broyles wants to know why they want to convince her that she's their Olivia. "You don't need to worry about that just yet. You'll know soon enough," says Walternate. Broyles is all Lt. Daniels "all due respect, but that's bullshit" on Walternate, since the secretary has embedded "one of them"

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