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Whatever People Say She Is, That's What She's Not
on his team and with an agent. "I need to know now," he says. Ain't gonna happen, though. "Good work today, Phillip," Walternate says, and then he signs off, and for some reason Broyles doesn't shake his fist at the sky and yell "BISHOP!"

Over to the congressional building, with a zeppelin flying overhead -- which is then zapped out of the picture to let us know we're back in our universe. Unless you're watching this from a parallel universe, of course.

Anyway, Peter's in some kind of deposition, with a suit saying, "And that's what you call him, Walternate? Your real father?" Peter explains that Walternate took him over there because he said he needed help to fix the damage on the other side, but Peter thinks he was lying: "He never had any intention to fix the other side. He wanted me to help him destroy ours."

The congress dude is all "hmm" but it's not because of anything Peter's saying, but because his pen is dying, and Peter says he knows "a trick" to save it, and unless that trick is also known as "putting more ink into it" I'm not exactly sure what Peter's on about. Neither is the congress guy here, who doesn't take Peter up on his offer, because he has just one more question: "You said when you learned Walternate was lying to you, your first thought was anger, that you wanted to put a stop to his agenda. But you could have done that by staying there. So the one thing I don't understand is, why'd you come back?"

We don't hear Peter answer. Instead they just show us a shot of Fauxlivia, sitting outside on the steps, looking at Walter's shoes. "I haven't seen those in a while," she says. Walter calls them "Wallabees." Is that a thing? Were they a thing? Shouldn't Fauxlivia be more cautious about being clueless about differences between her universe and ours? "Are you bringing them back?" asks Fauxlivia. Yes, in addition to sexy, apparently, as Walternate licks the filling out of an Oreo. "Where did they go?" he asks.

Then they see that Peter's done, and Fauxlivia, who's rocking a little more bang action on her forehead asks how it was. "It was endless, but it's over now," says Peter, oxymoronically. He says something about getting on with their lives, and Walter wants to start with dinner because he's starving, and then Peter pops a boner and says the whole time he was in there he could only think about one thing, and then he plants a kiss on Fauxlivia -- who he once said was really nothing like Olivia, remember -- before they stroll off, to enjoy a night off before tomorrow brings "the usual insanity."

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