One Night in October

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Love is Stronger Than Death

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He asks if McMurder wants the pain to stop, and the calm way McMurder says "Yes" is a massive red flag to anyone watching, but the Professor's not expecting what happens next: McMurder picks up a can from a shelf and clocks the Professor across the jaw with it, knocking him out.

Looks like the reason Fauxlivia wanted Olivia to ride with her was so she could quiz Olivia on what she told the Professor about her stepfather. "You were trying to open him up, huh?" she says, and Olivia says yes, but it's also true. They pull up at the farm and stop, and Fauxlivia asks what happened to him. "My stepfather? I killed him," says Olivia, matter-of-factly. So that's a difference in this Peterless world -- or I suppose another option is that Olivia's exaggerating because she regrets not killing him, but I doubt it. Or maybe she's trying to come off all cold steel so Fauxlivia won't mess with her.

As the Fringe team is setting up a perimeter, McMurder has hooked up the professor to his brainfreeze machine, only there's a twist this time -- McMurder has a cord connected to the machine that he plugs into a socket in his own skull. "We are ready to begin. Tell me about your happiest memories," he says, twiddling with the knobs on the machine. "Tell me about Margery."

Meanwhile, the Fringe crew is storming the farmhouse at Weir Farm, making their way through an empty house and down into a basement thick with cobwebs. "We're in the wrong place," says Lee.

Still, it's a big property, so the tactical team starts searching the grounds, and Lee and Olivia examine the detritus of a group of structures long since demolished. "This is where the family lived," says Lee, and behind a ridge, they find exterior cellar doors still intact. They open them, draw their guns, and head down the steps.

Meanwhile, the Professor is talking about how Margery made him feel: "Safe. She was so kind. So gentle. I never understood how someone so beautiful could love something so dark," he says. You'd think, as a forensic psychologist, that he'd have at least a touch of insight about that. Anyway, we see flashbacks of Margery laughing, reading, in a field, and McMurder seems to be drawing them into himself. So he's invented something like an iPod for memories. We watch as Margery enters the barn and opens a box -- we don't get a good look, so let's call them the dead animals that Dexter, I mean, John had killed. We watch as she hugs young John. Jeez, she doesn't look even a little freaked out! In the present, the Professor's breath is getting awfully frosty. McMurder is in tears as he experiences the memories of the Professor, who turns to him and manages to stammer out, "You ... don't have to do it ... anymore."

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