One Night in October

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Love is Stronger Than Death

Astrid strolls in and asks if he's doing the "synonym thing" again, and Lee says, "Uh, he was telling me about the shapeshifters, and now he's moved on to the other universe in general," like he's already completely blasé about this whole "other universe" business. Astrid lectures Walter about how they've agreed to move forward since what's in the past is in the past, and Walter says he doesn't have drugs strong enough to forget they kidnapped Olivia to the other side. Lee is all, "They did?" like could SOMEONE BRIEF THE NEW GUY, PLEASE, and Walter rails against the "awful woman" who "pranced" around his lab, who Astrid identifies for Lee as Fauxlivia. "She bought my ignorance with baked goods while she carried out her plan to steal pieces of the machine with that damn Portuguese sweet bread," says Walter, and Lee has at least figured out enough to know that he's talking about the machine that created the bridge, which Walter says the other side expected to destroy this universe. "Walter, it did not happen!" says Astrid, and I have to say I'm a little closer to Walter on this one; I mean, "attempted universe destruction" would seem to warrant a greater punishment than simply saying "my bad" and moving on. We'll work together, but you have to pinky-promise not to try to destroy us again, you trans-universe scamps!

Walter drapes a pillowcase over the computer monitor in front of Lee, then something occurs to him. "There's another mirror in the back storage cabinet. Kennedy, help me!" he says. Ah. He's covering every reflective surface so that he doesn't see Peter again. Peter and his eradication-surviving stubble will not be denied by sheets and towels, though. Oh, and Walter is probably going to call Lincoln Lee by the names of various presidents, which hopefully will peter out before it gets old. "Lincoln," says Lee, futilely (I mean, ask Astro here).

Astrid thanks Lee under her breath, and Lee all passive-aggressive says, "No... problem," making it clear it's totally a problem, and goes off to help Walter, who is already snapping at him to hurry up.

Olivia comes in and asks what's up with the redecoration, and Astrid simply says "Walter" and when Olivia looks at her for some elaboration, Astrid says, "Hey, don't look at me like I have some reasonable explanation. It's Walter," like don't bother trying to find out what's bugging the guy or anything.

Anyway, Olivia's surprised to find out Lee's here already, even though Olivia did tell him he could come by to learn about shapeshifters, and Astrid points out that he a) just lost his partner and b) is new in town and doesn't know anybody, and Astrid pointedly tells Olivia that Lee is probably lonely, and it's kind of too bad that the erasing of Peter has turned Astrid into some kind of amateur pimp, but Olivia says it's not going to happen. Astrid says, "Why not? He's cute," and Olivia has to clue her in on the awkwardness of dating (well, especially breaking up with) a co-worker, so here's another personality change, because it seemed like the old Olivia dated exclusively among her colleagues. "And you know what? He's not even my type," she says, and moves to answer her ringing cellphone. Astrid: "Do you ever think that maybe your type used to exist but then was suddenly blinked out of existence by a strange bunch known as Observers?" OK, she doesn't say exactly that, but what she says isn't far off. Anyway, Olivia says to whoever it is (presumably Broyles) that she'll be right there.

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