One Night in October

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Love is Stronger Than Death

Over at FBI headquarters, Broyles shows her pictures of dead bodies with diamond-shaped incisions in the backs of their heads. Twenty-three victims that they know of, says Broyles: "He drills into the back of the skull to access the brain. The tissue was punctured and exposed to localized electrical charges. But that's not what killed them. The official cause of death: cerebral hypothermia." Olivia's baffled that she hasn't heard of 23 murders (and not how a drill makes a diamond-shaped hole). It takes Broyles a moment to explain. "These crimes weren't committed over here," he says, and hands her an Earth-2 Fringe file while she eyes him warily. "We've been asked to assist on this case. Is that gonna be a problem?" he says. We don't get to see her answer, so we're all gonna figure that the answer is "and how."

So Broyles and Olivia head through the giant photocopier that scans them into the bridge, where they meet with Fauxlivia, who briefs them on their first lead. After finding no trace at the first twenty-two murders, they found a stray hair on No. 23, and the DNA led them to one John McClennan, with no prior arrests. They went to his house, ready to arrest him, but he's disappeared. "He was ahead of you," says Olivia. Don't be shitty, Olivia. Fauxlivia ignores the minor dig and says that with a 220 IQ, he's probably way ahead of them. "Five years we've been looking for this guy. He was sloppy once. He's not gonna make the same mistake again," she says.

So the plan, it seems, is to bring Earth-1's McClennan over to maybe give some insight into the other one. Olivia's immediately skeptical, and Fauxlivia interrupts to say she already knows all the reasons why not to do it, as she's been over them with her own Col. Broyles. Which means Col. Broyles is still alive over here and not a grotesque partial corpse! Anyway, they're just out of options. "We want him to see where the killer was living, if he can, uh, interact with the space, study his belongings, he can glean something that we can't." Olivia, skeptically, says, "Well, you hope he can," and Fauxlivia cocks her head and saucily reminds her that she lived in Olivia's apartment and picked up a lot of things about you. Olivia just stares at her, and then says, "Will you excuse us a moment?" and at first I thought she was talking to Broyles and was about to remove her earrings, but that would never work because Olivia doesn't even wear earrings, what with her not believing in concepts like "fun."

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