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The Wizard of Osmium
Over at Harvard, Walter has taken Nina's advice -- get creative! -- and is somehow using liquid nitrogen to melt the osmium. That's because the laws of physics -- always slightly loose on this show anyway -- have gone all screwy. Up is down, left is right, hot is cold, etc., so the cold liquid nitrogen is melting the osmium. As it liquefies, Astrid spots some white stuff in it. "A mystery element!" says Walter, who is getting his groove back by the second. He tells Astrid to call Peter and Olivia to tell them they're coming over with something to show them.

Meanwhile, over at Krick's house, the doctor is helping his son out of his wheelchair and into bed. Michael notices his dad's dressed like he's going out, and Krick says he's got some work to do back at the office. "It's nearly midnight," points out Michael, and his dad blames this new project that is keeping him really busy. He sits on his son's bed and stares into the distance for a moment and tells his son he's close to something big: "A breakthrough that'll change everything. Change lives. But the answer is just out of my reach," he says, and Michael confidently says that his dad will get there, because he's never failed before and won't this time. The guy clearly worships his dad and figures he can do no wrong. Must be nice! My daughter's four and she's already figured out what an idiot I am. Krick says good night, and pauses for a moment in the doorway before saying, "See you in the morning."

Over in Walter's lab, Peter's looking at the white substance under a microscope, and Walter says he's identified it as lutetium. Peter points out that it's extremely dense, just like osmium, and Walter acknowledges that the two shouldn't even be able to form a molecule, let alone one that would make a human being float. Which doesn't explain anything for anybody, but Olivia's mainly interested in finding out where this guy would be getting a limited supply of lutetium. Walter says it's mainly found in meteorites and, because he's Walter, jumps to the possibility that the perpetrator's from outer space. That would hardly be the least likely thing to happen on this show, but the gang quickly figures out where there's an abundance of meteorites. Boston still doesn't have a Meteorite Hut franchise yet, so it must be the Museum of Science and Lutetium-Stuffed Meteorites.

That's where Vince is fiddling with the skylight controls, and then floating gently down past some planet models suspended in the air, down towards a pedestal displaying a sizeable chunk of meteorite, and a nearby glass case displaying a few more. He makes his way over the glass case, and then makes the mistake of setting down his flashlight, which must be pretty heavy, because when he lets go he starts to float upwards again, and he grabs the flashlight to ground himself.

Outside, the Fringe gang is pulling up, meeting Broyles, who tells them that BPD's sending over a unit, and the curator says there's a night watchman on duty and all the wings are individually locked from the inside. "Seems pretty solid," he says, and Peter's the one who spots the weighted boots near an outside wall. "Not solid enough," he says, and the Fringers pick up the pace a little.

Inside, Vince is pushing a bunch of buttons on a security panel -- while hanging in the air -- which disables electric eye beams in front of the doors, and he lets Vince in, who wants to make sure he disable the alarm. "I did exactly what you told me. The way we practiced," he says. Krick managed to turn Vince into a superthief pretty quickly! Krick grabs hold of Vince's arm and hauls him through the wing over to the meteorites.

Meanwhile, the night watchman is guiding the Fringe team through the museum and confidently saying that if they were being robbed, he'd know, because they've got cameras on all the doors. "They didn't come in through the doors," says Peter. Well -- actually, Krick did! So much for your cameras, night watchman, and I don't mean Tom Morello.

While Krick is busy scraping stuff off meteorites, Vince is the one who hears the approaching Fringe Justice team and sees the flashlights sweeping through the wing, and when Fringe arrives, Krick takes two seconds to think things over before bolting while the night watchman fiddles with the locked door. Poor Vince starts yelling, "You can't just leave me!" I'd probably add, "Dr. Krick of Frost Aerodynamics! Don't leave me, Dr. Krick of Frost Aerodynamics!" Vince unbuckles his weighted belt, and quickly rises up through the planets, before grabbing a hold of an astronaut, realizing that maybe the open skylight ought to be respected. But his hand is slipping.

While Olivia stops the disappointingly easy to catch Dr. Krick by firing a bullet through the door he's about to exit through, Peter goes racing up the steps near the floating Vince and leaps on him just as Vince loses his grip, sending them both towards the ground, not falling as fast as you normally would, but still hard enough to smash the meteorite display case. There's going to be an awful lot of disappointed field-tripping students tomorrow.

So now Krick is in jail, with a snazzy orange jumpsuit on, and Michael comes in to see him and he's being accompanied by the Bishops for some damn reason. "No one will tell me what's going on," he tells his dad, and Krick confesses that he hurt some people in wheelchairs while trying to help them, because he wanted to fix them. "I did it for you, Michael. When it was perfected, I was gonna give it to you," he says, but Michael doesn't appreciate his dad thinking of him as something that needs to be fixed. Krick backtracks and says he wanted Michael to be happy. "I was happy. I went to bed at night knowing I had a father who loved me," says a horrified Michael, who then rolls away and goes from worshipping his dad to hating him just like that. You know, if he plays his cards right, he could probably extort some guilt presents out of his dad. Need a new Xbox?

Michael leaves, with Peter going with him. And as if Krick isn't having a bad enough time right now, he's got to put up with Walter lecturing him on the folly of Daedalus crafting wings for Icarus, who flew too close the sun which melted his wings and he fell to his death. "Suppose that makes me a lucky man then," says Krick sarcastically, and Walter says, "Other parents weren't so fortunate," points out Walter. Yeah, like the mother of your former lab assistant. But Walter's not there just for sanctimonious lectures. He needs to know how Krick did it.

Krick explains that he was contracted to develop a new alloy for military aircraft -- a metal dense enough to keep pilots safe from ground fire but still allow for flight. He wasn't having any luck, and then he combined two rare elements: "And that's when it happened. I'd combined two of the densest elements on earth, and somehow the result was a new molecule, a molecule lighter than air."

Well, this doesn't really answer anything for Walter, who'd already figured out the basic ingredients. But he goes straight to Nina to tell her that Dr. Krick isn't responsible because his serum should have worked -- the laws of nature are changing on their own. "Our universe is starting to break down because of what I did twenty-five years ago. What we've seen happening on the other side is starting to happen here," he says, and Nina notes that he seems to be taking the news rather well. That's because Walter -- who's got the soooooul magnets file with him -- says he's figured out how to stop it.

Meanwhile, over at Harvard -- not at Walter's lab but across campus -- Olivia is meeting up with Peter and joking about how Peter wants to make out in front of college kids and not his dad, and Peter ignores that Olivia seems rather turned on by the prospect of making out in front of college kids, and tells her that he hasn't been entirely honest with her: "Whatever is happening between the two universes, whatever our fate is, I'm right at the centre of it." Olivia says they're all working together to figure it out. Peter says he knows they're

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