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I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Pain
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Well, we can tell from the jump that something's not right: the on-screen identifier tells us we're at "Fringe Headquarters," and it's in New York City. Stranger still, we're not told this via 30-foot letters suspended in the air above the city.

No, we're in an impressive command center featuring people in military fatigues with one guy tracking an "anomalous energy signature" and then he confirms that it's a breach. That brings Charlie stomping in, and his head is shaved, and he's playfully grousing about how he was hoping they'd have a slow day, what with it being Saturday and all, but it's "no rest for the wicked." And now here comes alternate-universe Olivia, who has long red hair that hangs down past her shoulders, plus bangs, and she says Charlie's not "wicked," he just pretends "really, really well." Then the camera whips over to some other guy wandering in, and the quick camera work is really giving me a headache, not to mention this annoying all-characters-stride-in-at-different-times-from-different-directions-so-we-have-time-to-process-them-all contrivance, and this new guy asks if they're "playing his song." Like, does anyone in the alternative-universe Fringe division take their jobs seriously instead of making wisecracks? Then someone tells him it's a "Class 1 event" and he says he can see that, and then they just stand there looking at the screen until Alt-Broyles strolls in, looking even more bad-ass, which I have to admit I didn't think was even possible, wearing a tight black T-shirt and black pants and telling them that naptime's over and it's time to get to work. I guess even in the alternate universe, it's not possible for Broyles to not be awesome. Over here, we'll just have to go with this, which I really really, really wish I'd known about before the song-and-dance episode. Better late than never, I suppose. "On a swingset of dreams, on a jungle gym of schemes"? (Track 7: "Our Journey.") Pardon me, Lt. Daniels, but that's bullshit.

So the Fringe team is on their way to the "Class 1 event," and Charlie gives himself some sort of injection, and Alt-Olivia has some sort of special powers of exposition in this universe, and she asks him how the big the worms would get if he didn't dose himself, and Charlie corrects her that they aren't worms but arachnids, and then he doesn't get to finish because Sgt. Buzzkill Lee, or whoever this guy is, is checking out the sit-rep on some fancy electronic card that makes the iPad look like an abacus. He says some stuff about "molecular dissolution" and says it's not a tear but a "full-fledged hole," and thank God the alternate universe has never conceived of saying "that's what she said." Alt-Charlie just hopes there aren't bugs, and Alt-Olivia figures there probably are bugs. "Bugs like you," she says. Wow, Alt-Olivia's way more flirty and sassy than original-recipe Olivia. Still, I'm declaring allegiance here and now to original-recipe Olivia and her stonily professional iceberg demeanor.

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