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I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Pain

Anyway, part of Walter's problem is that he can't ask the others to do something that he's not willing do himself. Broyles accepts this, and then Walter turns back to the Kortexiphan Kids and says if any of them have changed their minds, he understands. Nick says that they've been talking it over: "Maybe you did damage us. But on the other hand, maybe you made us special. Fate is a tricky thing." Translation: thanks to you, I now have superpowers and am having sex with this total fox (who also has superpowers).

So off they go, with Walter in the middle of them, telling them to ignore everything but the sound of his voice, and to spread their arms out towards each other, which they do. He tells them to think back to when they were just young boys and girls. When they were being experimented upon in Jacksonville? Is that a good idea? The camera spins around the circle, and if you watch closely, you can see the background go from an abandoned theatre shrouded in dropcloths (with Broyles standing, watching the proceedings) to a sparkly, shiny jewel of an auditorium - and then Heath collapses on the stage. Everyone rushes to help, as we see his face bubble up with tumours. Olivia asks Walter what they can do, but Heath is looking up through the skylight, where we can see a zeppelin passing overhead. "Look... we made it," he says. Either that, or the Kaiser's got some 'splainin' to do!

So they're on the other side, and while Olivia tries to look after Heath and get him up so they can hide, Sally says she doesn't feel so well. The sound of sirens in the distance spur everyone to get a move on.

Outside, the Fringe assault team is arriving, with Lee announcing that he wants science and risk reports in three minutes. Our plucky band of heroes hide behind a row of seats -- Walter urges Nick to make them leave. Nick says he's trying, but it's not working. "What's wrong with us?" he says. Walter doesn't know. And Sally is scared!

Olivia watches as the unaware-of-personal-surroundings alt-Fringe team examines the corpse of James Heath and look at the confusing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Alt-Olivia asks Alt-Charlie if he's got a "Junior," which he hands over. Lee asks him if he's going to a strip club later, and Alt-Charlie awesomely says someone has to visit Lee's sister.

So Olivia compares the two bills, and the alt-universe's "Junior" is so named because Martin Luther King, Jr., is on it. "The paper's real. The detail is amazing. Why would someone go to this kind of trouble?" asks Alt-Olivia.

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