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I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Pain

Speaking of slightly different, to the right of the Fringe team, hanging on the wall is a huge map of the United States, albeit one that is different from our universe's: to my non-American eyes, I pick up the following things: Texas has been divided into North Texas and South Texas, the Dakotas are one big state, and something's been eating away at the coastline of California.

So both the $20 bill and the man came from the other side, and Walternate figures he didn't come alone. He says he's not a "lover of war" -- and really, what politician would ever admit to being a "lover of war"? -- but he thinks the invaders are anything but peaceful. "They must be found, and they must be found quickly," he says, and Lee promises that they'll get the dirty rats.

Meanwhile, the original Fringers are hanging out by a bus stop advertising a new season of The West Wing, with a poster featuring actors who could very well represent Sarah Palin, John McCain and Barack Obama. Yeesh. I think you'd want to stick with the original cast. Anyway, Sally is "burning up" -- her words.

The bus arrives, and Olivia's the first to get on, only to see a sign demanding that all passengers scan their "Show Me" ID. Olivia makes a show of looking for it and then realizing she forgot it, and then she gets off the bus and tells everyone that they're going to have to walk. "Central Park is 59th Street. That's three miles from here," protests Nick, which is all the more reason -- as Olivia points out -- to get going.

Elsewhere, in a room filled with medical equipment -- including a vitals monitor that flashes the alert "Temporal Acclimation Completed" -- Peter wakes up. He makes his way out into the kitchen of a huge house that seems to be mainly windows. His mom is chopping food, and she stops as he approaches. They somewhat shyly say "hi" to each other, and Elizabeth asks how he's feeling. He's OK. "You've been asleep for three days. Your fath--" she catches herself, "--Walter said you might feel a bit dizzy. Maybe you'd like to sit down." Peter says again that he's OK. Jeez, get off my back, ma! She says he must be starving, and she's made some eggs and bacon, but now she thinks to ask if he still likes bacon. "I love bacon," says Peter, and let me just say that nothing anyone has ever said on this show has made me tear up as much as Joshua Jackson's emotional line reading of "I love bacon." There should be an episode entitled "I Love Bacon." I would give it a salty, crunchy A-plus. And then Peter and his mom hug and she tells him that she's missed him so much, and Peter tears up too, probably wondering when he's going to get the damn bacon she's promised.

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